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Trevan Householder

Trevan Householder is the co-founder of the School of Life Mastery, and creator of the Mindset Mastery Guided Program. He also serves at our Mindset Mastery Facilitator Program Director, providing opportunities for certified mentors to develop an income guiding Mindset Mastery students worldwide.

When not shepherding students down the Mindset Mastery program and facilitator training path, Trevan can be found experiencing cycling adventures in various locations around the globe, serving in his church and community, or being a super-hero to his wife and children.

Leslie Householder

Leslie Householder is the award-winning, best selling author of The Jackrabbit FactorPortal to Genius, and Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters. She is the creator of Genius Bootcamp and the Mindset Mastery Program, and after an extended sabbatical, is excited to be back to teach this powerful class. Her love of the principles and gentle style are demonstrated not just in her delivery of the Genius Bootcamp experience, but also in her Rare Faith blog and podcast

Ann Ferguson is currently the Rare Faith Programs Facilitator Director. She is a gifted teacher and uses that gift to help those she mentors to clear the cobwebs from their minds and awaken to the possibilities in front of them. Her passion is teaching spiritual principles to heal emotional wounds and to help people find their True Source of healing. Ann’s joy comes in celebrating each step with those she mentors as they experience a divine partnership with Jesus Christ. More from Ann…

Cari Skrdla, Ph.D. has served as the Rare Faith Facilitator Programs Director, Executive Assistant to Trevan and Leslie Householder, & Project Coordinator, and continues to take a wide-ranging advisory role with the company. Her background includes a B.S. in Psychology, a Masters in Business Administration focused on Global Innovation, a Doctorate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Director of Training, Leadership Development, and Strategic Planning at Disney; Sales trainer for MCI, Siemens, and Level 3; Senior Project Manager for the City of Detroit 2006 Super Bowl; Project Management Certification; University Business Development Representative; Supervisor of over 45 department leaders and 300 volunteers; University Director for Workforce Development; and certification in Ontology from Harvard University. More from Cari

Shantel McBride is an in-demand coach, inspirational speaker, motivational teacher/trainer, author and certified chaplain. Her influence and leadership has impacted audiences and individuals worldwide through her involvement with TEDx, CEO Space, SHEROES United, Women of Worth, and Good Shepherd Home Care and Hospice. She has facilitated over 25 Genius Bootcamps changing lives since 2011, and even holding the program together during Leslie’s extended sabbatical several years back. Shantel earned the title as an Honorary Mentor due to her extensive and generous contribution to this work, and continues to be a passionate and supportive Genius Bootcamp Facilitator.

Our Rare Faith Community Mentors, Leaders, and Program Facilitators:

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If your life has changed because of Leslie’s books, Podcast, or Training Programs, and if you’ve ever thought about teaching what you’ve learned for helping others, then join us. We’re in the process of growing our team to expand our reach and to help more students enjoy the transformation that is available through an understanding and application of the laws that govern success. We need you! Click here to learn more.

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