By Ken Carroll

One of the processes I have come to enjoy is that of quieting my mind and reflecting as to allow truth to come into my conscious mind. As I pondered this particular assignment, I could see many areas in which I am still weak and thought, “Which area would be my greatest obstacle?”

As I pondered, the answer came clearly that my main issue is Surrender-Let go and let God. Not in the sense that I have done everything possible I can to achieve my goal and it still alludes me so I surrender, but more that I am willing to surrender God’s part of the deal so He can do His part and relax and enjoy the ride.

I had an experience where I believed I was truly following Heavenly Father’s will and I went into an international business that was wiped out by the 9/11 tragedy. Going through that experience rocked my trust in God to the very core. I knew in my mind that if there was a problem it was mine because God is perfect, but I couldn’t convince my heart. It has been years of struggle to regain that trust.

My introduction to “The Jackrabbit Factor” has been a merciful Heavenly Father’s way of helping me understand the laws of success. How grateful I am for this knowledge. I can now look back with much brighter clarity and see that my business failure was very much attributable to wrong thinking.

I am now coming to understand my relationship with my Heavenly Father and that we are partners in creation and that He wants me to fully magnify this relationship to make the most out of my life in order to more fully serve His children and live a life of abundance. If I am truly living my life ‘on purpose’ then I can know that Heavenly Father wants me to succeed and to do so in a big way.

My struggle with ‘surrendering’ comes from a deep seated belief that I have to do everything hoping that God might be in a good enough mood to bless me with success. I cling so tightly to situations that my resistance must literally choke the life right out of them or at least make the pathway to success a miserable one. I believe this must have something to do with belief and faith. By this I mean actually believing that if I step into the dark that the light will actually come on and continue to do so each step of the way until I reach my goal.

I have had a hard time actually believing that once I have placed my order with the chef that my food will actually come just as I ordered it unless I go to the kitchen and supervise it every step of the way. I have had significant experiences in my life that have shown me that God will do his part if I do mine so I often chastise myself that I need to have more faith and enjoy the ride to success and not worry that the red carpet leading to success won’t be yanked out from under me at any time. The more time I spend writing this article, the more I’m coming to see that the solution lies in the continuing study and application of all of the laws of thought and action.

Perhaps most important would be living in the NOW and not stressing over the future potential outcome of things. By this I mean that If I have placed my order, I need to do the most productive thing I can in the present moment that I find myself and not waste energy worrying or ‘catastrophising’ about possible negative outcomes.

If I take the present moment and look at everything it contains and find the positive in it and act in positive action toward my goal then I can Let go and let God bring it to me since he is my partner in this creation. The bulk of the work on my part certainly seems to be mental and emotional. The strongest belief comes through constant reinforcing study and learning coupled with positive action which must result in the positive manifestation of my goals. It seems that action would produce a powerful relationship of trust between me and my partner in creation!


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