The Leather Jacket

By Ken Carroll

The Law of Vibration states that everything in the universe is in a state of vibration and that vibration is a medium for transferring signals. This law is related to what some call the Law of Attraction.

Things that are on the same frequency will attract each other. Our bodies are in a state of vibration which is caused by what we think about. What we think about generates emotions within our bodies which in turn send out a vibration signal to the universe and anything that matches that vibration could be attracted to us.

I have come to learn that everything we need, even every possibility of our personal being already exists on an invisible plane. All I have to do is create the idea of what I want to be, do, or have and focus on it long enough to generate a positive emotion with it and that signal goes out to the universe and begins to come into physical reality if I stay with it.

This law has taken the responsibility for the conditions of my life and placed it squarely in my own lap and I own it. That is liberating and frustrating because I know I can change my life, but I also have to give up any idea of ever being a victim. I have admired for the past few years black leather jackets and wanted one. However, I felt that was something only people with money had and felt somewhat unworthy to own one.

On a trip to the Goodwill Thrift Store with my daughter to scout out Halloween costume ideas, I found a very nice leather jacket that I could afford. I put it on and felt wonderful wearing it around the store while I shopped with my daughter. I would stop and look at myself in the mirror and I asked my daughter how it looked. I was ready to buy it until I noticed that the leather on one side of the jacket had begun to deteriorate and was noticeable. I was sad because I did not want to look like I was wearing a used and worn leather jacket. However, I had discovered a new feeling or vibration that I liked how I felt when I wore a black leather jacket.

A few months later as I quit my job to move to Idaho from Arizona, the man that replaced me purchased a black leather jacket from the trunk of a vendor to wear during the winter months in Arizona since he had to be outside. I asked him if he wanted my company jacket that even had a logo on it and still looked new. He discovered that the black jacket he purchased didn’t work well on the job and traded me straight across. It was a very nice looking coat and I received many compliments on it but I was discouraged because it was not real leather. It was OK until the coat began to fall apart two years later. I really wanted a real black leather jacket but still I couldn’t afford one.

That Christmas I received one from my parents as a gift and I really liked it and have enjoyed wearing it. It is versatile enough to wear from Fall through winter to early spring. It was fun to learn the process of vibration and attraction through the experience of coming into vibrational harmony with a leather jacket.


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