A Little Bit of Wisdom

Stand-alone short stories and brief snippets extracted from the longer Podcast Episodes, for quick reminders of the principles and easy sharing.

Leslie Householder

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  1. Perfect timing. We are looking to buy our dream house and I was starting to feel nervous as I have never purchased a home before. Even with validation and confirmations through prayer.
    This was the first time I listened to one of your short audios and I remembered that I need to relax and enjoy the process regardless of what happens. Thanks Leslie.

  2. Hearing your voice again is always great! You made me think of how my life has moved since Mentor Training.

    I had set my 5-year goal to have my ranch with my horses, dogs, cats, etc. Then came home and began writing.

    About two years ago, I met a man I could not walk away from. He’s not your usual Returned Missionary, he’s a Disabled Veteran who served as a Navy Seal for ten years. His war injuries, PTSD, and subsequent injuries as a civilian all drew me to him rather than repelled me. We are now engaged to be married.

    And…he owns land in two other states, one unit is large enough to qualify as my “ranch” and I can have all the horses, dogs, and cats I want there! Also most of the other things I dreamed up while I was writing (and drawing) the details into text documents and Windows Paint documents on my laptop! Including windmills and storage batteries for electricity independence, greenhouses for 12-month/year fresh food production, the barn of a size I want for the domestic livestock I need to supplement the greenhouse enterprise… it’s all there, and Dave is qualified to help me accomplish it.

    His own dream of rehabilitating Felons will bring us the students I will need to teach the Program to while they make plans for their own futures, meanwhile learning skills with which to establish an independent business of their own instead of being reliant upon “finding a job” which, if you don’t know this, is very difficult to do if you have the “F-word” on your record.

    My dream was to find people who needed to become independent business owners rather than employees in order to earn a living, build a life, keep their family close by involving each family member in the business, keeping each one “needed” and appreciated as they grow. I feel I was guided to appreciate the needs of felons for this purpose. Of course, anybody who wants to come and learn the Program will be welcome 🙂

    My dream is coming true! And with a bonus I had not asked for, had not put into my Goal Statement, had not even considered: my Sweetheart, a husband who as a fiance is very good to me, and I don’t see him likely to change.

    Yes, for years, I “had set the goal” and then become busy with facets of my own preparations in making it come true, without worrying about the time-line; so your story is giving me even more hope about my own!

    Thank you, ever so much!

    I’m trying to get my website updated (I’ve been a bit busy the most recent two years…), and use the directions you gave to get my information updated with you so I can be more closely in touch with you again.

    And I am enjoying your new newsletter format. It’s Great!

    1. Jan – this is such a great update! I’m so happy to hear from you, and all that you’ve been doing since you took the Mentor Training program. You INSPIRE me. Keep us posted!

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