LBW 03: Bleach and Blunders – It’s Better to Know

Lesson learned from a mishap in the laundry room. Sometimes we live in violation of the principles without knowing it. It’s better to know!


LESLIE:  My son, he was 17 years old, was given the assignment to do laundry for the week – the family laundry.  “No problem, Mom; I’ll keep up on it,” and actually, he was doing it every day, where a lot of times I would wait ‘til Saturday and I’d see the mountains and I’d just spend the whole day doing, like, nine loads of laundry.  But I noticed that once in a while I’d see something that didn’t look quite right, so I pulled him aside and I said, “honey, are you using bleach on the colors?”  He’s like, “no.”  I’m like, “okay,” and I remembered back to a time where our washing machine had this problem where if you’d use bleach on one load it would automatically add bleach to the second load even though you’d run a full cycle, and so I thought, “well, maybe the machine is acting up again, because this is not looking great.”  Finally, at the end of the week, he pulls out one of his shirts, and it’s a navy blue shirt, and the sleeves were brown, and he looks at, and he comes to me and he says, “Mom, what am I doing wrong?”  So, I pulled him into the laundry room and I said, “what are you using,” and he picks up the bleach.  I said, “honey, that is bleach!”   He had done the entire family laundry for a week using only bleach – not even detergent plus bleach – only bleach, thinking that it was detergent. He said, “well I just thought it would work easier to use the liquid detergent instead of the powdered detergent.”   He was making a mistake all week long, but he didn’t catch on until it affected him personally.  

I was thinking about that, and it dawned on me there is some powerful lessons to be learned, and what I got from it was that there are laws that govern how much success we enjoy.  Over the years, as I’ve been studying these laws, it’s dawned on me that they are always affecting us, just like gravity’s constantly affecting us, and we’re only consciously aware of it now and again.  Well, the same with these laws of success: they are always in place and they’re always affecting us.  Now, just like using bleach – that was a mistake – and it’s not a hard stretch to believe that all of us are in violation of the laws of success, the principles that govern prosperity, and the more we learn about them, the more that we can consciously abide them.   For example, I remember praying for relief, and I was violating one of the principles of success, and I didn’t even know it.  All the while that I was praying for more money, I had placed on the screen of my mind an image of the disaster that was going to happen at the end of the month if he didn’t grant my request.  That is a violation of one of the laws of success; you have to see it done.  What would it look like if God granted my request?  How would it feel?  So, when we have a setback in our life that is just like that moment when he pulls out his navy blue shirt and sees brown sleeves – it’s when we say, “this is not what I expected, this is not what I signed up for, this is not the way things are supposed to turn out” – it’s in those moments that we look at our life and say, “where did I go wrong?”  It carves out a place in our heart that says, “I am at a loss to understand what’s going on here.  What do I need to learn?” And, you know, it’s those questions that lead us to the answers that say,  “you know, you’ve been, maybe, violating a principle without even knowing it – without even meaning to – and now you’re ready to receive these answers and appreciate them for what they are.”

Challenges won’t stop coming, but the lessons learned keep us progressing.  Take a look at, because, as you have challenges and as you need those inspired ideas to help you get through them to find the solutions to the problem that seems unsolvable, that requires, sometimes, a genius idea.  And Portal to Genius will help you know how to open that up for you.

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