Weight Loss Wonders

I’m pleased to present Holly Sedrick as a new Mindset Mastery Graduate! Holly’s phase-one goal was an aspiration most of us can relate to: losing five pounds. Following is her experience in her own words, about using the laws to lose weight and make healthy food choices for her family: Using the Laws to Lose

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Perfectionism and Combating Suicide

I’m pleased to present Carol Colvin as a new Mindset Mastery Honors Graduate! I hope you’ll read to the end – her experiences were truly remarkable, and though I typically try to truncate these announcements for brevity, I decided that I couldn’t leave any of these stories out… You’ll see why in a moment. Could

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#62: Principles for Entrepreneurial Success

Learn the difference between instinct, intuition, and inspiration, and the roles they play in entrepreneurial success. Discover how to conquer your Goliaths. Find out how and when unseen help will be dispatched to your aid. What is the role of passion for a cause? Learn how to accomplish the essential with intuition and instinct, but

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Genius Bootcamp or Mindset Mastery: Which One Should I Do?

  Today’s Q/A is about the difference between my two core programs: Mindset Mastery and Genius Bootcamp. T.D. asks: “Hi Leslie and crew! I am trying to decide which would be the best course of action for me; the Genius Bootcamp or the Mindset Mastery course. Should one be done before the other, or can

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Shameless Request

Renowned authors Richard and Linda Eyre are looking for nominations for the most pro-family Internet Influencers, to be announced in Feb 2020. Since I’ve strived to focus my work on using the principles to build and maintain strong families, I would really appreciate your nomination (if you feel so inclined). Nominating my work could help the Rare Faith

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Unexpected Answers

  Jimi found herself wondering why things weren’t working out the way she thought they should. She had been studying success principles for over 25 years, but had only experienced financial gain in just ONE of her many business adventures. So even though she was already a Mindset Mastery student (a course focused on identifying

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