LBW 11: Cents out of Setbacks – Short

In this audio, I talk with my Portal to Genius co-author (Garrett B. Gunderson) about Making Cents out of Setbacks, and the 3 levels of life lessons that can be gleaned from each hardship.

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Garrett B. Gunderson: Ok. And now I’m going to bring on Leslie Householder, the author (and I’m the co-author) … the author to Portal to Genius and the author of Jackrabbit Factor. We’ve spoken together on stage a few times, and I don’t know if everyone in the room got value, but I was totally entertained and engaged. And when Leslie says something, I’ve told my wife before—my wife gets it so there must be something about how you convey the message that people really understand, Leslie. And we’re going to be talking about how to make cents, c-e-n-t-s, out of setbacks. Which I think is a perfect topic. Why don’t you give us an idea what you mean by that, Leslie?

Leslie Householder: Well, it’s just such an opportunity whenever you have a setback. The cool thing about it is that setbacks are universal to everybody. Everybody faces challenges. Everybody faces setbacks in their goals, in their business, in their relationships. Everything. And what I’ve learned, because I’ve had probably a lion’s share of setbacks in my own life, is that they are not for nothing. That they have a point to them, and that if you start to respond to them in a better way than what’s normal, than what’s reactionary, that you can turn everything that looks like a setback into a benefit and you can profit from your losses.

You know, I’ve had one of my mentors teach me that the person who seems to be the most unfortunate is actually the luckiest person around because they have the most to gain from that experience. So I’m just going to share some things I’ve learned over the years, trying to apply the principles that help you bounce back from setbacks and come out on top better than ever.

And you’re going to find out that every successful person who is noteworthy, exemplary, people look up to, or have had a significant amount of success have all applied these certain ideas or principles, whether they know they have or not. There are always at least three levels of wisdom that can be gleaned from each setback. The initial lesson is pretty obvious. But then there’s a deeper lesson, and then beyond that there’s a universal truth that can be discovered from it.

And my mind has just been blown as I’ve started to open up and be curious enough about those three levels that the kind of information that I’ve gained from my setbacks has just absolutely changed my life and changed the lives of so many people I know that have taken these principles to heart and started looking at their setbacks in a whole new way. And if you’re feeling like, “Man, it’s just been so hard to climb out on top of these challenges,” you’re a prime candidate for some amazing, amazing breakthroughs. In fact, my husband and I, when we started to realize these principles, when something horrible would happen—a major trauma in our life or whatever—once we get over the initial shock of it, we’re able to look at each other and say, “Whoa,” and get a big grin on our face and say, “You know what this means.” Because the bigger the challenge the greater the opportunity. So if things are just a little bit, you know, kind of inconvenient that’s too bad for you. The bigger the better.

Garrett B. Gunderson: If you think back to a decade ago, what seems like a problem today would have been devastating back then. What seems like a problem isn’t even on your radar today because of the threshold, yeah, because the perspective because the process you have of knowing how to turn that into a positive scenario or outcome because of the lessons.

Leslie Householder: And so much of that comes because of just surrounding yourself with the right people. You’re going to be surrounded with ideas and solutions and things and you’re going to see things differently just by being there.

Garrett B. Gunderson: I always love having you around and having you sharing your wisdom; and there’s something about the way that you say it. There’s something about the feminine energy that just gives people a whole different world and ears to hear. And I love the topic of hey if you have setbacks, you have frustration, do it. You’ve got some ingredients, so this is the deal: You’re either going to learn the lesson now or it’s going to get stronger in the future so I recommend to learn the lesson now. Make the small investment today for the bigger output rather than have it become something that is such a massive problem that it becomes hard to do it though.

Leslie Householder: And, also, the principles are universal. It becomes a part of your arsenal on how you’re going to handle the next one because I guarantee you if you’re not in a setback now you will have one. That’s one of life’s guarantees. Like I said, there’s a reason for them and it’s for your good. So it’s just a really great idea to make sure you know how to brace yourself, how to handle it, and how to respond to it to turn it to your profit. To make the most out of it. To learn the lesson once and for all so that you don’t have to repeat it again and learn it in a harder, tougher setback because that’s what it comes down to. Either learn it and move on to the next best thing and reach a higher level of awareness and success or you endure the setback. You get through it but you don’t really come out the person that it was supposed to shape you to be and so along comes another setback that’s going to try again to get you to reach that new consciousness and so I’ll help you figure it out the first time so you can move on.

Leslie Householder

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