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I was going through some files and came upon a message from one of our Mindset Mastery program participants, Carrie Newman, who shared this with our private program participant’s group EIGHT years ago:

“I just wanted to …update you all on what has been happening in my life! Two weeks ago, I was reading in my [Mindset Mastery] program and it talks about how we approach God with our requests. What I learned from the lesson is to expect it [and why/how I can], and to also clearly let Him know what you want.

“So… I knelt in prayer, and gratefully (and somewhat bluntly) told Heavenly Father exactly what I wanted. I expressed my desire for my husband to make a great income so that I would not have to work. I told Him that I did not want my family to rely on any income that I bring in, and I wanted my husband to be really happy. I also expressed how I want to run my business and change lives. Then I decided to expect it to happen.

“What I did not expect, was for it to happen so quickly!

“…Cory (my hubby) was informed at his work that the company was probably be going to shut down. They had no idea what was going to happen to Cory and they would keep him posted over the next week. In the past, Cory would have freaked out and jumped into MAJOR scarcity mode. But both of us felt calm and peaceful.

“Anyway, to make a long story short, Cory applied for many positions and called a gun company that he wanted to work for. The company immediately wanted to interview him and they basically hired him on the spot. This company is located in central Utah and he was hesitant about taking it, because it would require him to commute back and forth. However, they would not take NO for an answer, and now my hubby is as happy as a kid in a candy store! It is not everyday that you get to do what you love, and get paid well for it! For him, that meant designing guns, shooting a lot, not having a budget to do it in, and eventually getting paid a six figure income! The funny thing is, the company asked him how he heard about the job and he told them that he just felt like he should call them.

“What we did not know at the time, is that they had decided only one hour before he called, that they needed a new engineer.

“I am filled with gratitude and humility. I know that Heavenly Father is aware of our needs and I am amazed at how he ‘prepared’ a way for my family. (Sounds like Ether doesn’t it!) He was even preparing my family before I asked. We know that Cory’s old job was just a resting spot for our family until this one opened up. Also, his old job is paying him severance and since Cory will be back and forth a lot, I am quitting Olive Garden. (hooray!) He has no set work schedule and he will work form home as much as possible, or go down for three to four days at a time. I will focus on getting my blog and my life coaching launched. More importantly, I can be with my kids.

“I just wanted to share this amazing story with you. I think it is incredible how much Heavenly Father truly delights in answering our prayers – often far more than we can comprehend. I love each of you and hope you are all doing great!”

Well, even though the message was from eight long years ago, I still reached out to see if she would mind if I shared her experience with my readers. I said:

“Hi Carrie – I’m not sure what you’ve been up to since [all that happened eight years ago], but it was such a great story, and I think it would inspire others! It sounded almost identical to what happened to my husband just last February – he was out of work for about 30 minutes, when he got a phone call that led to his new and better job, choosing his own hours, working from home several days a week, etc. I would like to create a blog post from your experience, but wanted to find out if you want me to change your names, or if you would like to keep your names and I can hyperlink it to a website or something, if you have one you would like included. If I don’t hear back from you, I’ll make it anonymous (and I can always update it later if you want your names added back). I hope this message finds you doing well!”

What I DIDN’T expect was to receive THIS reply:

“Hey stranger! Well, I am still a huge fan and love listening to your podcasts. I love what you are doing right now. Our lives have changed a lot since that experience. It was his first job in the firearms industry, and since then he has:

* Worked for some of the top firearm companies in the world
* His designs were on the cover of 7 industry leading gun magazines.
* He is an award winning designer
* He has designed guns for militaries and law enforcement agencies all over the world.
* And right now, we are in the process of launching our own business in the industry. Not designing guns, but creating great products for those who love shooting and want to have a great experience.


I would love it if you wrote a blog post – ideally it would be better for me if it was along the same time as our launch, so we could put a link to our new site at the bottom. I would do it now but it is still under construction. We will be ready by November 20th. Is that too late for you?

Shocked but hardly surprised, (after all, they’ve been applying the principles for at least 8 years), I responded:

“Oh man, this is even better than I expected! What a fantastic, amazing, incredible update, and the timing is perfect!! I’ll keep it in draft mode until I hear back from you! Not a coincidence that we connect again right now, eight years later, eh?”

Well, their November 20th launch was held up because of a shipping issue, but things have since been resolved and so I’m excited to finally show you what they’ve created since taking the Mindset Mastery program so many years ago.

I asked for an update in her own words.

It hasn’t ALL been smooth-sailing, but they’ve learned how to respond to setbacks for some great outcomes. She explains it this way:

“Cory and I have had many experiences since that first letter. As mentioned before, Cory has since worked for some of the top firearm manufactures in the world. We have loved our many adventures, but we still had one goal which seemed unattainable: owning our own business. It was the ultimate dream for us, and three years ago we finally left the corporate world to do just that.

“It didn’t come easy, it didn’t come fast. There were many paths we started on that didn’t work out. Until finally, we found our little niche. But even then, we had many hiccups along the way. We had major issues getting raw materials through customs, pallets of goods were lost, production issues, investor problems, etc. It felt like with every step forward, we would take five steps back.

“During this time, it was so hard not to be discouraged. I had to consistently remind myself, my children and my husband of the Law of Polarity. That the pain and trials we were going through would have an equal or better benefit on the other side. I even put Napoleon Hill’s famous quote, ‘Every adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit‘ as my lock screen so I could remind myself every time I picked up my phone. I needed to see it that often.

“It has been hard, but we are faithfully working through it. I wish I could say my sky is filled with riches and rainbows, but it isn’t. Each day takes a lot of exercise in faith, patience and trust in the process. But I know the seed has been planted. I know I will get there – I know the laws, and I am learning how to use them.

“Two months behind schedule, we finally launched Cerus Gear on January 1st of this year (2018). Our business was created to help spread the love of the sport, and to encourage the proper maintenance of firearms.

“Using Cory’s skills as a designer and my love of marketing, we created the ProMat, a gun cleaning mat for various firearms. We have standard schematic mats, themed lifestyle mats (Police Support, Iwo Jima, Reaper, etc.), and our signature Instructional mats, which have images and instructions that teach you how to field strip your firearm:

“We love what we do. We love that our ultimate dream is finally taking root, and we are so grateful for Leslie’s teachings of the laws. She is truly amazing, and I feel like the best people in the world are drawn to her. That’s why we’d like to offer Leslie’s readers a limited time discount of 15% off any ProMat order.

“If you love to shoot, let’s be honest. It has probably been a while since you cleaned your firearm. Cleaning your gun is messy, time consuming, and residue gets all over everything. That’s why we at Cerus Gear are here to help. With 40 years combined industry experience, we will provide you the tools and education to quickly and easily clean your firearms, allowing you to get back to what you love: Shooting.”

Impressive, Carrie and Cory! Congratulations on your tenacity and determination to make your dreams come true.

And for my readers, click here to take a look at ALL of their different designs and options. Truly a class act! Plus, when you click on the link, Carrie’s special 15% discount for my readers will automatically be applied to your cart:

(I am not paid for promoting her company or products, I’m just really proud of them for continuing to demonstrate, test, and prove the Mindset Mastery principles!)

Do YOU have a story to share? Let me know!!


My position on gun control: IF guns are outlawed, then only outlaws will have guns. In gun-free zones, only criminals will have them. I take the position that all people should have the right to carry and legally defend themselves.

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