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This is a recording of a presentation I gave to a women’s Relief Society group of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints during an outdoor dinner event. Topic: Faithful women of Christ’s church from ancient to modern times. Handout referenced may be downloaded here: Gifts from God.

Originally recorded April 24, 2019

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  1. You have all of the gifts within you, you in fact are the gift, that you are here now is testament to that miracle, this beingness is not just a drop in the ocean, it is a connection to all things, Everything.
    That we limit ourselves to having only an external viewpoint without engaging within. On most occasions it’s because we become bogged down in one area which can seem insurmountable and we punish our self for inadequacies that do not exist, can’t exist and never have existed.
    You have only to observe your “self” in moments of reflection to see that miracle of you…when the moments arise where you feel it may not be going to plan….surrender…surrender to your higher self…know that you are not your thoughts…know that you are serving for the higher good…know that you are everything…know that peace is yours …and allow a moments pause to own it.

  2. This was a message I desperately needed to hear today! I have been struggling with so many things but especially knowing how to support my husband as he is searching for permanent work that will be satisfying and will use his talents and skills.

    My job abruptly ended in April when the FBI and other government agencies raided the corporate headquarters of the company I was working for. I am the Stake Camp Director and was preparing for my first camp. I have children with learning disabilities and others with substance abuse issues. I feel much of the time as though I’m drowning and just not good enough.

    This talk helped me gain a more spiritual perspective and to recognize I have gifts and if I can recognize everyday that I am making progress I’m doing ok. I know there are huge blessings waiting for me and my family but I have to be better prepared to recognize and receive them.

    Thank you!!

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