Who would listen to me?

By Ken Carroll

I have always believed that we all have a purpose to fulfill in life. I believe we prepared for it before we were born into this life. I lived a life ‘on purpose’ for twelve years and felt that it was preparing me for additional opportunities that would come. When some of those opportunities presented themselves I jumped at them expecting to experience tremendous success. I experienced dismal and painful failure. In the process of putting my life back together, I struggled to redefine myself and discover my purpose again.

I eventually I discovered my purpose in life and HOW I could fulfill it. I had felt for quite a long time that I wanted to use my teaching talents to help other people understand and apply the principles of success in their lives.

That desire prompted two obstacles. First, I didn’t really understand the principles of success. Second, once I did, who would listen to me anyway? I tried to do the best I could to live by faith and to succeed as best I knew how and was not making much progress. Finally, I was introduced to “The Secret” and that brought everything into a much clearer focus, but as my wife and I began to apply the principles, we felt we needed more understanding.

Not long after recognizing that need, we discovered the Mindset Mastery home study course. We eagerly signed up and began to learn and apply the principles of thought and began to see positive results in our lives unlike we had ever before seen. It was exciting.

However, the idea that I wanted to share these principles as a business somehow seemed impossible to me… [until] I learned of the inaugural Mentor Training program and really felt a strong desire to be there and get started. Not long after that I learned of [another opportunity] that looked promising.

I was very excited and through much prayer and pondering, I searched my heart to see if this was my opportunity to really learn these principles AND gain some very credible credentials that would enable me to actually pursue this as a business. I was infused with such a feeling of joy and peace that I literally had tears stream down my face. I was overwhelmed with gratitude to finally have direction in my life. Now, I felt I needed a mentor that was close by.

Through some wonderful ‘coincidences’ I met a very successful motivational speaker and performance coach and we talked about what I wanted to do. He said he could feel my passion and felt he could help me and would do anything in his power to help polish me and provide me with opportunities to work alongside him and find speaking opportunities. In about six weeks the HOW was revealed to me that gave me the confidence to go forward.

I felt a confirmation in my soul that I was on the right track and that everything I needed was being attracted into my life to help me move forward and fulfill my life’s purpose. That particular month was a major breakthrough month for me and it is exciting to see my life coming together. Aha moments seem to appear by pressing forward through terror barriers and other obstacles where answers or insights are waiting.


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