Dancing with the Law of Perpetual Transmutation

By Nancy Genys

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation states that circumstances and things are always changing according to our thoughts. Thus ideas are either moving towards actualization or moving toward being non-existent. 

A couple of years ago our family experienced great tragedy. Circumstances were such that I knew I needed time to heal. The problem was I had a huge performing arts studio with a lot of staff, students and parents that all had issues that I felt incapable of handling at that time. I couldn’t handle my own situation let alone theirs.

I started working with a broker who sells businesses. I had made up my mind that I was going to sell the studio and take care of myself and my family in this time of great loss. Within a week of working with the broker our nearest dance studio neighbor approached me and asked if we could go to lunch. That first meeting brought about subsequent meetings with both of our husbands in attendance. This couple wanted to buy the studio from us (what you want comes to you if you hold to the thought decisively enough). However, after a few meetings we came to the conclusion that it would be an even better situation if we merged rather than have them buy us out. I felt confident that together we would be stronger, and with the help of this other couple I would have the much needed time to heal. 

As we worked together for months formulating the partnership, the merge, new schedules and alternate plans for their studio the Lord inspired and enlightened my mind with amazing ideas to help us succeed.  I could feel the realization of this goal and knew that we would be blessed in this union. Amazingly, the areas of expertise we all brought to the table complemented each other well. It was a good match.  

The week we were to announce the merge to our students our ‘partners’ reverted back to their original proposition and wanted to buy us out rather than merge. I was bewildered and confused. All of the ideas and inspiration regarding the merge completely stopped. The idea/goal and the eventual outcome died because the circumstances changed. 

This particular outcome ended up being a blessing…. but not before there was another devastating blow. But I’ll save that for another story. In accordance to law, when I knew the merge was right and that it was what I wanted to do, all things came to my mind that needed to take place. Through focused thought and action on my part, I could feel the transformation from thought to goal and finally to it being in existence as we had planned. When the other couple pulled out, all the inspiration stopped. If this merge were to be compared to a seed, it had sprouted, and the bud was visible only to have the entire plant yanked out of the ground.  The natural growth process that leads to ultimately achieving the goal was completely stopped. 

Does that mean that my goal was bad, or that my thought process didn’t work? No! Another vital law is that of agency. The realization of any worthy goal cannot be achieved by going against another’s agency. That law trumped all others at that time it would seem. But, looking back on it, I can see there were indeed other laws that were still in play: the Law of Relativity, and the Law of Polarity to name a couple.

If your goal is not able to be achieved, it is the perfect time to ask if there is good in the situation. Have faith that God loves you, wants good things for you and that if this was not to be, there is surely something better in store. Do not give up, just pick a new goal. Choose a new thought, a new idea, a new option and go with that. Do all that you need to do so that your thoughts or discouragement don’t hinder its growth.  If you do things in accordance to the laws of abundance and it does not go against another’s agency it will indeed come to pass in its own due time.

Nancy Genys

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