The Law of Gestation – The Law of the Harvest

By Nancy Genys

I believe there is much to glean by observing nature and how it works because nature abides by the laws of the universe as do we (whether we realize it or not).  Let’s compare our lives to that of a flower and see what we can learn.

A flower starts out as a seed and if it remains in the ground will soon become a sprout. Its full beauty is yet to be seen as there is no flower in site. However, given sun, rain and time the plant will reach maturity and blossoms will emerge. Inside each blossom are the seeds that will start the cycle over again. The blossom attracts the bees which pollinate the flowers and insure its survival. Eventually the blossoms age and begin to wilt.  As the flower wilts the seeds of the next generation have been dropped to the ground to start the process again. This ever changing cycle is indicative of all facets of life (and the Law of Perpetual Transmutation). It is also like the Law of Gestation which states that we plant our idea seeds and then be patient for them to grow.  It also states that they will ‘blossom’ in their own due time. Any sooner and it couldn’t bear the weight of the flower. A small stem poking through the ground needs to gain strength in order to produce and support the flower. How long does it take? The answer varies; some flowers (and some goals) blossom in mere weeks, others take years. 

Plants and idea seeds are vulnerable. When growing a good flower many factors come into play: soil condition, the amount of water they receive, and the proper season for planting. Are they planted in an area that is best suited to their tolerance of sunlight? Have I kept them free from weeds? 

Our idea seeds and our fragile plants will either grow to fruition or are stamped out of existence through choice, negligent care or outright destruction on our part.  This can happen in many ways. 

  1. In weeding the garden you may mistakenly pull out the plant instead of the weed. You may not even realize your mistake until the passage of time when the outcome shows you have grown more weeds than plants. An amateur gardener is not so adept at recognizing the difference in shooting sprouts. It’s easy to be deceived. Likewise if we are not aware of our thoughts and in turn the vibration we set we may, like the weed and the flower, end up with something entirely different than we thought. Our thoughts determine what will come to us; a lovely flower or a noxious weed.
  2. Sometimes in my enthusiasm to have a good garden I planted things too soon. It wasn’t the proper season for growth. There have been many occasions when I have had good idea seeds only to have them lay dormant because it was the wrong time in my life. A wise gardener plants crops in their proper season. Scripture tells us there is a time and season for all things. This is as true for crops as it is for ideas or goals. 
  3. Other times as my garden was maturing I pulled out flowers because I either had too many or I decided I wanted to plant something else there instead. This is often the case with our goals, thought or ideas.  Sometimes we don’t want that thing after all which is perfectly alright. When we recognize it, we can change course at any given time.  
  4. Often I was distracted or too busy and I forgot to weed at all. It didn’t take long before I was overwhelmed by the planter full of crab grass that completely smothered my beautiful flowering plants. I couldn’t believe it happened. Had it been that long since I tended the garden? If we are not careful, we will do the same thing with our fragile idea seed. Doubt, fear, neglect and apathy will soon turn our fertile idea garden into a tangled patch of weeds and overgrown grass. 

Be a wise gardener and plant that which you desire in the right time and season. Proper thought processes are the fertilizer, water, sunlight and soil needed to bring it about. Then leave it to nature (the laws of the universe) to bring about the much desired harvest in the right time.

Nancy Genys

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