Stop! Thief!

By Emily Clawson

The other day as my husband and I were leaving the airport we passed through the cash line to pay for our thirty minutes of parking and the attendant, acting quite suspicious, charged us an additional dollar. We could have argued but we paid the extra dollar and drove on. Still it nagged at my husband. The dollar wasn’t the issue, just the thought that someone else would be so blatantly dishonest bothered at him as it frequently bothers all of us.

In this world we are constantly faced with people who are dishonest, frequently in regards to money. How can we handle these situations without getting bogged down in feelings of frustration and anger and even bitterness? The Law of Cause and Effect, as described in Leslie Householder’s book Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help With Your Money Matters, can give us the tool we need to face challenges like this, and many others, with a feeling of peace and power.

Most of us will at some time or another face a situation where we are taken advantage of by another person and yet, what a lonely life it would be if we choose to close ourselves off from everyone in an effort to protect ourselves. Sometimes the thing that is lost – money, a treasured belonging, disrespect of our time – can’t be replaced or feels just so hard to lose. Other times, as with our experience at the airport, it’s not the thing that we have lost but the betrayal that really hurts.. Sometimes we are betrayed by a family member or friend. Those are the worst kinds of betrayal of all. The Law of Cause and Effect can help us with any of these situations.

This law, connected to the Golden Rule, says that what you put out into the world is what will come back to you. This is a simple concept, one we’ve heard from the time we are small children battling over building blocks or swings on the playground. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” goes the proverb. Most of us believe this is how we should approach life but we don’t take it past that point. The flipside is that what is done to you will be returned upon the giver. This means that we have the opportunity to receive as well as to give. When someone serves you selflessly the universe will respond to them by returning the favor. When someone hurts you, the same is also true. Let me illustrate using my airport experience.

Somewhere out there is the airport attendant who stole a dollar from me. My guess is that he probably tacks on an extra dollar to every ticket coming through his booth. Let’s imagine that he collected a dollar from one hundred people during his shift. He might be thinking, “Hey, one hundred extra dollars. Great!” What he doesn’t realize is that something will come up that will require that $100. Perhaps he will find he needs to buy new tires for his car. Maybe there will be unexpected medical expenses. We seldom see the connection like this in our own lives until we start looking for them. Whatever way it comes, it will happen. What he put out into the world will come back to him. On the other side, I can already tell you that I found a five dollar bill in my pants pocket while going through the laundry. That dollar has found it’s way back to me very quickly with more added to it.

The purpose of this example is not to be vengeful but to illustrate the Law of Cause and Effect and how it appears. Imagine the power you can have when you truly understand this power and flip it around, using it for good. What do you want? What do you need? You now know how you can get it. Do you need money? Find a way to give money with no thought of return. Don’t buy something with it even if it’s a fundraiser. Donate it. Anonymously, ideally. Even if it’s just scrounging up the change in your car and your furniture you can do that much and watch how the universe will multiply and return your donation. Need new furniture? Get rid of the old furniture. Donate it. Don’t sell it in a yard sale. Give it to someone who needs it and watch how the universe will return your donation and increase it.

You’ll be amazed at how the Law of Cause and Effect, in conjunction with the other Laws of Thought, can bless your life, if you’ll use it correctly. Be conscious of what you are putting out into the world. You’ll bring the same thing back to you.


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