Law of Relativity and the Law of Polarity

By Nancy Genys

It took me years to fully grasp the Law of Relativity. My therapist had tried to teach me this concept (without calling it a law) for as long as I could remember. He called it ‘The what is.’ He said that things happen and they are neither fundamentally good nor bad unless we make it so.  

This was a hard thing for me to really understand. You see, two of my children had been severely molested by their babysitter, who just happened to be our clergyman’s daughter. The years of devastation that came after were incredible. Our oldest son, Benjamin was most affected. For the life of me I couldn’t understand how my therapist could say that this event wasn’t bad? For that matter, how could he say it wasn’t bad that my grandfather was murdered when my mother was nine years old? Two of my children died within a three year period. How in heaven’s name could he say that wasn’t bad? To top things off, I lost my father a month after my son, I lost my inheritance, my studio by dishonest means and much of our worldly possessions.  It felt like my whole world was crumbling around me. Never have I experienced such sorrow, such anguish. It all felt pretty bad to me. I was completely defeated. 

After the death of our oldest son I had many gifts of compensation that helped me understand much with regards to life, death and the purpose of life here on earth. I had to know what was going to happen to my son. I had lots of beliefs that I was taught in church but I had to know if these things were true. Because of this great desire and because I made a huge effort to find answers through scripture I was literally tutored of the Lord. I was shown things that are sacred and amazing. My mind was enlightened. This was something that if looking at the bigger picture would not have occurred had he not died.  The spiritual experiences were astounding. 

With the loss of our daughter, I was vulnerable and succumbed to the darkest time of my life. I was so overcome with grief and despair after burying two children in less than three years and because of complications at the dance studio that I became suicidal and that was terrifying. It was at that moment that I turned to the Lord to help me overcome this and understand His plan for me and my family. I was desperate for help. Not knowing the Laws, I resorted to behaviors that had brought me out of a slump before. I started to be grateful. 

I started to be grateful for everything. Literally! I was grateful I could pull the weeds in the yard so that whoever got our house would enjoy the lovely yard (we ended up saving the house, but at the time we weren’t sure we could). I was thankful for one more night in this home. I was thankful that I have two legs that I can walk with after we had to turn the car back in because we could no longer afford it. I was thankful for the children I had left living. I was thankful for my husband. I was thankful for absolutely everything I had. I expressed it, I felt it, and I started to heal. 

I realized that I could have it worse than I had. I didn’t lose all my children. I didn’t lose my husband. I still had food to eat and a roof over my head. With that level of gratitude I was poised for learning. I was humble and teachable. It was then that I was taught the Laws of Abundance, in particular the Law of Relativity and received even greater light and knowledge from on high. 

When I looked at the big picture I could see that Benjamin was happier in his death than he had been in his life. We had many spiritual experiences with regards to him, so we knew he was happy and progressing in his realm. The knowledge that came to me was equally as enlightening as his death was devastating. I now understood the Law of Polarity. I had experienced equally profound spiritual enlightenment as I had despair, sorrow and grief. When I looked at Jade’s short life, I realized it couldn’t be much better for her. She got her body. She was part of our family and always would be, and she didn’t have to suffer through the trials of this earth life. When I took me out of the picture I realized it was her perfect day. Both children were happy. If I could let go of my selfishness I could see that Heavenly Father’s plan for them was perfect. They were happy. His plan was also perfect for me. His gifts of compensation have helped me cope with the significant losses over the years. These gifts are available to all who seek them. As you seek a greater understanding of these natural Laws, you are further able to see all the goodness and blessings that you have in your life – and have joy. 

Nancy Genys

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