How Much Longer? Understanding the Law of Gestation

By Tammy Graham

Every seed has a gestation or an incubation period. What does that mean? It means that a certain amount of time has to pass before the seed or idea moves into physical form. Ideas are spiritual seeds and will move into form or physical results. Goals will manifest in perfect time. You know for a fact that the sun will rise each day, you push on the gas your car will go, you put the break on it will stop.

Think of your goal, picture yourself pushing the gas pedal on your car, you know your car will go just like you know your goal will manifest. Just make sure the car is filled with gas, oil and other necessary fluids, like your goal is filled with faith, expectancy, excitement and gratitude to God.

In order for the law of gestation to work you have to allow time for the thought to manifest. One thought most of us frequently have is, “I am hungry”. One of my favorite things with a quick gestation period is homemade chocolate cake! I decide I want a chocolate cake (thought), I mix the proper ingredients together, then I place it in the oven (a fertile environment for a cake) and allow it to grow. It takes about 35 minutes. I could expand the gestation time, but then I would get a burnt cake and who wants to eat that? I could take the cake out 10 minutes early, but, who wants to eat raw cake? Anyway, eating it could make me sick.

Everything and everyone on this earth has a starting point. We began with just a thought in God’s mind. Through His holding that thought in fertile ground and over a finite gestation period we manifested into spiritual form, then physical form. The law of gestation is the base form of creation. I play a major part in creating who my children will become. In raising my children I have a vision in mind for who they will be when they leave my home, whether they leave at age 18 or 25, there is a gestation time.

I have prayerfully and thoughtfully created a vision for each of them. I have planted in my mind a version of how the children will turn out when they are ready to leave my home. I have a plan outlined (like with a baby the seed and the DNA genetic code) as to how to go about creating these model young adults that will be leaving my home. Of course the children have their free agency and the vision will be modified throughout their lives.

That aside, I gradually implement ideas and systems and do things one at a time until it is no longer needed, or until I have it down and can add more to do, continual building and action. I use the 1% principle, doing just a little at a time. Because I have planted that seed, the ideas, people and things my children need to become who they choose to become will present themselves in a natural way.

It applies to us too. We were born with certain traits, but our character is developed as we experience life and make choices. We are continually evolving.


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