What Caused This Effect?

Karma, the golden rule, sowing and reaping, “there is no such thing as chance,” “what goes around comes around”, these are phrases that often come to mind when thinking of the universal law of cause and effect. It means that whatever you send out into the universe comes back to you. How you treat others is how you will be treated, though not necessarily by the same person. The law applies to anyone and everything everywhere all the time. It is to our advantage to learn to live within the law and use it to our benefit.

Last year I tried to attract (try meaning to put forth the effort then stopped before succeeding) money to pay off my husbands $22,000 school loan. In my mind though, when I would visualize writing that $22,000 check self-sabotaging thoughts would come out of no where such as “There’s no way I’ll have that kind of money by December.” My thoughts, the seeds that I planted (cause) gave my return just as I planted it (effect),which was not having the money.

Growing up I knew I wanted to be married in the LDS Temple and sealed for time and all eternity. To do that I knew I had to live a certain life, be morally, physically, and spiritually clean and have a certain amount of gospel knowledge. Throughout my growing years I consciously made decisions that would lead me to that ultimate goal, which I did reach.

One more example. Have you ever known someone who was once deeply religious and they just aren’t anymore? Things can happen so subtly that we are not even aware of it. One day a person prays twice daily and at all meals, goes to church regularly, lives moral standards, pays a full tithing, uses clean language, dresses modestly. Perhaps one day they don’t feel like praying in the morning and that continues, then they stop praying in the evening, then at meals and pretty soon they stop paying their tithing and on and on until they become an all together different person. The law of cause and effect can work step by small step to cause significant change in our lives without our even realizing it; naturally, without force.

We are directly responsible for every event that appears in our lives. We created the reality of our circumstances from our thoughts, words and actions. Those thoughts are vibrations that go out and attract to them the events, people, circumstances and situations accordingly. One thing that has thwarted my efforts is sabotaging thoughts. It is important to become aware of them and weed them out to produce the results we want. God has promised that he can and will bless us when we truly believe, readying ourselves to receive his blessings. “I the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise, Doctrine and Covenants 82:10.

Tammy Graham is an Honors Graduate of the Thoughtsalive.com Family Time & Money Freedom Course. (Mindset Mastery) She is currently training to become an official Thoughtsalive.com Mentor. A successful childrens teacher and author, she considers her greatest accomplishment being a mother to 4 beautiful, sweet children. She resides in the gorgeous Willamette Valley of Northern Oregon with her husband, children, cat and three pet frogs.


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