Time For Something Else

By Tammy Graham

Rhythm is any sequence of a regularly recurring function or event. It could be an action and a reaction; an advance and a retreat; a rising and falling. It effects our emotional, mental and physical selves. We experience happiness and sadness, good days and bad days. Sometimes our minds are sharp and sometimes they are dull. We feel well and sick, hungry and full.

There is rhythm in nature with seasons, weather, ocean, phases of the moon, and movements of the planets. Our breathing and heartbeat are rhythms. There is always movement and it brings comfort and balance to our lives. Many of us unknowingly allow this law against ourselves, instead of us using it for our benefit.

If we are caught in a down pour, flow with it, not against it. Deal with it unemotionally all the while exercising faith and hope while focusing on the up that is just around the corner. Remember the law of polarity, if the down pour is torrential, there is that much of an updraft within it and keeping positive thoughts will bring you that updraft sooner with the Law of Perpetual Transmutation.

In 2003 after having lived in my parents basement for one year, my husband, I, and our two very young children were finally able to move into and buy our own home. I was so excited when we moved into the little 3 bedroom, one bath, old house. I thought it was perfect just the way it was and that I would be happy living there for 20 years! Forever! It had everything we wanted and was in a great neighborhood, within walking distance to the park, library, river, grandma’s, grocery store, and church.

As time went on I wanted change in the home, it wasn’t as exciting to me anymore. It started with re-painting, ripping out the carpets and re-finishing the oak floors. That wasn’t enough so we tackled the windows, roof, and bathroom. Now we are re-doing the yard because I know if we do that we have a chance of selling the home. I am also ready for new neighbors, or no neighbors. Our next adventure is to live in the country on acreage where we can’t see our neighbors or walk anywhere. I am ready to leave NOW.

When I first moved in I felt a high and as we improved the home each year I felt a certain degree of high, but now I’m at the point where I’m fixing the home so we can sell it quickly and at a good profit. What was once wonderful to me has become old and dull. I’m seeking better circumstances though I am no lower than I was when I bought the house 5 years ago, I’m just seeking for a higher high. This is the continual growth the law of rhythm allows if you know how to use it.

There are seasons in our life, both figuratively and literally. I am now in a season where I am ready for a new home in a different location. We have never stayed in a home so long in our 12 years of marriage. This has been a long season for us. Some seasons are longer and more troublesome, others are short and pleasant. With the knowledge and understanding we have of the law of rhythm it is our duty to stay focused on the blessings and potential good and go with the flow.

Be of good comfort and enjoy the season you are in, as Doctrine and Covenants 88:42 says, “And again, verily I say unto you; he hath given a law unto all things, by which they move in their times and in their seasons.”

John 14:27 “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”


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