The Squeeze

By Colleen Corbett

When we want something with all our heart and mind, with every fiber of our being, we experience a lot of emotions along with our desire. We feel a thrill of excitement mixed with fear and sometimes a little dread as we picture our goal achieved and our problems solved. We feel happy and hopeful that the future will bring our hearts desire. We set our minds to work figuring out how we can obtain it. We become passionate in our learning and we know we are progressing to our goal as we gather information. We seek out the experts to tell us what and how to accomplish our goal.  As time goes on and our goal has not materialized we become tense and we start to wonder if this goal was such a good idea. But we tell ourselves we are determined to get what we want. We keep going back to the same places for the same ideas and we get tighter and tighter and we keep recycling those ideas through our mind until we are worn out. We start to believe we have exhausted all options and tried every avenue of possibility available. Just like a sponge we are squeezing so hard in our mind and our body that we can’t breathe anymore and we are on the verge of giving up. Then when we can’t keep squeezing anymore and our mind and body are depleted of energy, we let go. We stop squeezing, we relax and we let go of the need to know how. We let go of the need to know when. We take a deep breath and realize that we cannot control anything but our own thoughts. The place where it all starts. As we open up to greater possibilities and stop creating rules, and running programs and believing all the limiting thoughts telling us what is possible, our vision clears and a grander prospect comes into view and we realize the answers were there all along. Seeing those answers and discovering those ideas that will set us free to be who we really are and achieve those desires of our hearts only required letting go, relaxing and allowing our minds and hearts to absorb what was always there to begin with.


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