Caring Bears and Universal Laws

By Molly Simpson

Most people understand that once a pebble is dropped in a pond, it creates ripples that move outward until they hit land.  If you watch closely, you will see the remaining waves of the ripple “bounce” off the land and come back. I’ve heard this same principle called Karma, or the Law of the Harvest. Whatever we sow, we will eventually reap.

Having a genuine love for others that expresses itself, through kindness and service, will inevitably create a genuine love that comes from others.  However, the timeline is not up to us. I have also discovered that the “effect” that comes from the initial “cause” may show up quite differently than I expect. I trust that as I send out ripples of love, gratitude, and joy, those emotions come back to me.

When I was a child, I was enthralled with a regular show that involved fuzzy bears with different emblems on their bellies that represented their personality or unique gift.  When they encountered someone that was struggling with one challenge or another, they would all gather and “stare” at that person. A beam of color would blast from their bellies and penetrate the heart of the struggling person. This person would have a significant change of heart and everyone lived happily ever after.

Apparently, this group of caring bears made a lasting impact on my life. I have thought of them often as I encounter struggling people. As I have studied more about Universal Law, I became more curious about their techniques and decided to try an experiment. I happened to be at a convenience store and observed that the cashier was in a particularly foul mood. I kindly gave him some cash and told him my pump number.  Then while I was pumping gas, I “stared” at him. I sent love, gratitude, joy, empathy, a veritable rainbow of positive emotion in his direction. I said nothing out loud, but prayed silently and fervently for the man behind the counter. About five minutes later, I went in to receive my change. The difference in his demeanor was noticeable. He actually smiled and said “Thank you” as he gave me my change!

When using the Law of Cause and Effect, keep in mind that the bad comes back to you just as effortlessly as the good. We truly have power to impact the circumstances and relationships in our lives.


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