My Dream Blueprint

By Molly Simpson

Every goal we set has a gestation period.

I honestly can’t remember what inspired me to do such a thing, but I am eternally grateful I took action on the feeling. A few years ago, we were renting a home after having lost one to a real estate market crash. I was tempted to commiserate with thousands of other families in the same boat. Instead, I decided to plant some idea seeds solidly so that my next home would be one that I really wanted.

I was home alone as a new school year had begun.  I pulled out a blank notebook and sectioned it off. I had sections labeled Body, Mind, Family, Society, Finances, Spirit, and Home. I then wrote in great detail what the ideal life looked like for me in each area. I made it sound like I was writing in a journal, like these things were already present in my life. I went back several times over the next couple of weeks making adjustments and editing.

The section labeled Home certainly had the most passion surrounding it. I loved envisioning myself and my family enjoying the amenities.  We were gathered around the warmth of our wood burning cook stove, or tending to the many animals that found safety and love on our property. I could feel the sand between my toes from the bank of the all natural spring. I felt the abundance of walking through the orchard of fruit trees that fed us and many others.

As happens when life gets busy, my habit of opening my dream blueprint and perusing it daily started to wane.  I had the thought to record my voice reading my dream journal so I could more easily access my dream world. I began to listen to it daily or more.

Little did I know that as I was planting these idea seeds in my mind and heart, the house I had created on paper was actually being built, several states away. Though I wished and hoped that I could win the lottery or wave a magic wand and have my desires magically appear, I was growing in conviction that, “Faith in God also includes Faith in His timing” (Neal A. Maxwell)

We were led across country by my husband’s work and felt like we were finally where we belonged. We decided to put down some roots. We told some realtors what we were looking for in great detail.  We found a few homes that met many of the important requests and even submitted offers on some. We were outbid or too late. We were feeling a bit discouraged but didn’t throw out the idea that our home was out there.

One morning, I received an email from our realtor that she thought she had found it!  I looked over the listing with excitement. Every detail of the house met what I had written several years earlier!  What continues to amaze me is that because I continued to believe and nourish those ideas, when the time was right, my home miraculously appeared.


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