The Power of Momentum

By Molly Simpson

Developing Consistency with Momentum

We’ve all been there! We want our business to take flight, we want meaningful and rich relationships, we want our house to sparkle with cleanliness, and so on. Then comes the enemy of it all, inconsistency. For one reason or another, life takes over. I’m not talking about insignificant distractions, I’m talking, sick kids, taxes, church responsibilities, emergency car repairs, and the like. How is one supposed to gain any traction on their goals when faced with such obstacles?

I’d like to present a solution to your inconsistent woes. Momentum! I truly believe it is possible for one to run fast enough in a determined direction to out pace the calamities of life. This idea came to me as I was running with my twelve year old daughter. 

When I was younger, I hated running. I could not for the life of me understand why people would run for fun! Due to an enthusiastic massage technique instructor, I have recently become a huge fan of running barefoot. On the street, with no shoes whatsoever. I had been practicing this form of running for several months and was enjoying the fruits already. I had worked up to 2-3 miles per run. My daughter, however, was new to this form of running and complaining with about every step. 

As I coached and encouraged her to keep going, I remembered facing the challenge of initial discomfort when I first started running shoeless. Ages seemed to have passed since then. I had developed a solid running form and new layers of skin on my feet that naturally increased my speed and decreased my discomfort. 

After about one half of a mile of complaints and walking more than running, we turned around to head back home. Our change of direction gave my daughter a change in outlook. The complaints started to fade as determination took their place. I ran along at a slow pace behind her as she mentioned the occurrence of every rock and pebble discovered by the soles of her feet. 

I felt an urge to run. The feeling was akin to a mother ready to deliver her baby from the womb, or the need to sneeze when your nose starts to feel that well known tickle. The feeling would not be denied. I started to run at a reasonably fast speed, possibly faster than ever before. I noticed that I could no longer feel the pebbles and crevices in the road. The faster I ran, the faster I wanted to run. It was like I was building up energy as I went and my body hungered for more. I could see my driveway on the horizon. I knew I had to slow down if I was going to be able to stop. I realized stopping was a much more difficult task than to keep going. That’s when it hit me! Momentum is the enemy of Inconsistency. 

Eureka! After that a-ha moment, I have proven this theory in just about every area of my life. If I want relationships to flourish, I must build consistency through momentum. If I want amazing success in business, I must steamroll the distractions with momentum. If I want a sparkling clean house, I will probably need to call a maid service. (I just don’t like doing dishes and laundry!) Momentum is key to overcoming the plague of inconsistency. Try it for yourself and see what happens!


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