The Rhythm of Life

By Molly Simpson

Rhythm is comforting, invigorating, moving, exciting, relaxing and it is everywhere! Roller coasters, rocking a baby, phases of the moon, music of all kinds are all examples of how our lives are surrounded by rhythms. The faster the rhythm the more exciting and energizing. The slower the rhythm, the more calming and relaxing. Studies have shown that the very speed of our heart rate is affected by outside rhythms.

In my experience, the speed of the rhythm does not stay constant throughout one’s life. I can look back now over a handful of decades and see that when the rhythm slows down for too long, my emotions get somewhat depressed. The opposite happens when the rhythm is fast for too long, I tend to get stressed.

Rhythm is also what helps us feel alive. Changes in speed actually help us have an awareness of the present. Just like a baby is soothed by a rhythmic patting on their back, we are soothed by the predictable patterns we have come to rely on, daily, monthly, yearly and so on.

I believe we can have power over the speed of our rhythm as well. Feeling genuine gratitude and love has an effect on my rhythm. I can almost instantaneously speed things up. Certain kinds of music does the same. Dwelling on problems or challenges from the past drag me into slower rhythms as well as a different kind of music.

The Law of Rhythm can be used to our benefit by realizing that going down, means that pretty soon, you will be back on your way up again. Shifting your focus to feeling the hope and excitement of the upcoming peak while you are still in the down slope can only do more good for your state of mind and thus your results. Once you have gained complete understanding of this law, life can truly be as thrilling as a roller coaster.

Developing a trust that these rhythms are real and predictable can bring peace of mind and hope amid despair. Take some inventory in your life and decide whether it’s time in your life for some bouncy hip-hop or some romantic classical. Do you need a breather from the stress or to blast out of being depressed? The rhythm of your life, whether currently moving fast or slow, is where the beauty truly is created.


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