Sacrifice and Blessings

By Molly Simpson

Each situation has an equal and opposite blessing.  If we qualify for that blessing by obedience to the law upon which it is predicated, then by law, it must come.

When my family is dealing with a particularly difficult challenge, we often say, “Man! The blessing on the other side of this one must be huge!”

Keeping the faith (choosing to believe) and acting on the faith inspired promptings, without allowing doubt to consume the blessing, is often all that is required to qualify.

If the challenge or trial is trivial, the blessing can easily go unnoticed. I can have comfort through the knowledge that the benefits from the more difficult tests will yield blessings equal in greatness on the other end of the spectrum.

Several years ago, my husband had gained employment after a long period without any work. We were excited, relieved, grateful and nervous. His new job was several hundred miles away in a new state and completely different part of the country. We were leaving our home of twelve years and uprooting our five young children.

Add to that, the real estate market just crashed and we couldn’t sell our home for anything close to what we owed on it. We decided that I would stay behind with the kids, dogs, and household items. Though I knew it would be hard to be apart and forge the way with our entourage on my own, I knew we needed to move quickly on this job opportunity and there were too many details to leave undone.

So we found a 20 year old beat up Ford truck that would run on pure faith to get across the country and my husband set out on his solo journey to our new home.

For the next two months, I played the role of a single mother of five children, ranging in age from two to thirteen. I packed up our house and managed the many details involved in moving a family. I had never been apart from my husband this long. I was concerned about my upcoming cross country trip. I worried over the loading of our truck. I stressed over our house not selling.

Moving day finally came and I found myself in the fetal position on my bedroom floor where my bed once was. I was in a state of complete overwhelm. My parents had traveled 6 hours to be there and offer their support. The mountain ahead of me seemed insurmountable. I thought of the empty moving truck, the large amount of household belongings, and the long sloped driveway between them. When I was about to just give in to utter despair, my mom told me to look out the window.

A miracle unfolded before my eyes. The local high school football team and several members of my church’s congregation had showed up to help. Over 50 people cheerfully packed, cleaned, loaded boxes and soothed my children’s hearts. What moments before had seemed hopeless now brought sobs of gratitude, relief and wonder.

A few hours later, we were on the road to our new home. As I pondered the hardships of our journey over the past few months, I couldn’t help but marvel at the blessings that had rolled forth in consequence. Just then, I heard the verse of a favorite hymn, sung with greater feeling than ever before, “Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of Heaven!” My heart overflowed at the certain witness of the truthfulness, that every challenge we face has a blessing of equal value.


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