Molly Magneto and the Laws

By Molly Simpson

Magnets are my thing.

My handle on Instagram is Molly Magneto. From the time I was young, they have fascinated me. I spent hours in our backyard sandbox collecting iron particles with a magnet. The hair-like particles were quite predictable and I could easily shape them with my bare hands into a pirate’s beard, mermaid tail or mountainous volcano. My imagination would send me out as a one-legged pirate, seeking treasure as I dragged my horseshoe-shaped magnet through the earth. I marveled at what seemed to be pure magic. Using a simple tool, I could collect only certain materials and leave the rest behind.

By nature, magnets have a north and south pole. Items that are magnetically sensitive, also have a north and south pole and line up as they are drawn to the opposing pole of that magnet. Once they feel the force of the magnet’s like pole, they are repelled. All of this science creates a fantastic visual model for the Law of Vibration. At my choosing, I can draw to me or repel that which I am seeking. Moving into the world of electromagnetism, a power switch greatly strengthens the pull or repulsion of the desired item.

The magnetic force, now magnified with electricity, generates amazing power as well. I have learned through my growing knowledge of this law, that I have the power to turn the switch. I can decide what shows up in my life by what I choose to focus on. Adding intense emotion to those thoughts is like turning on the power switch.

Before learning how the Law of Vibration operates, life seemed unfair. I struggled to find joy on a regular basis or things to feel grateful for. I had an especially negative feeling about anything related to finances. My husband and I resolved to not speak of our money matters just to keep the peace in our home. (Looking back, I don’t think it was peace, just quiet.) I was quick to criticize and though I smiled often, there was no genuineness to back up my happy demeanor. I was going through the motions of life and sinking into a deeper hole. If only those iron particles were truly a pirate’s treasure to buy my way out of my troubles.

Now, after years of study and practice, I see very clearly that I was responsible for my circumstances. Like most people, changing thought patterns is more easily accomplished when I have a visual tool to utilize. If I am aware of my thoughts taking a negative turn, I flip the switch on my electromagnetic thought train by expressing and feeling gratitude. I can then draw the desired outcome to me rather than repelling it. I can imagine those particles needed to create my mountainous volcano of success, lining up end to end as they travel to me. 


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