Enjoy the Dance

By Shelly Webb

The Law of Rhythm states: When you feel down be grateful, knowing that (by law) there is an upswing coming.  Plan on endless progression upward.  My experience with the Law of Rhythm has to do with rhythm.  I have always loved to dance.  I have never been super talented at it, but I have loved it.  I would dance with my friends, dance with my sisters, and dance with my daughters.  I never had much formal training, so when Beachbody came out with a dance exercise program that taught fun hip hop dances step by step, I was the first one inline to buy it.

I was so excited to learn these dances.  The program included six full dances, and the schedule had you do one dance each week.  They assumed you would be able to learn the dance in a week and move on to the next, slightly harder dance.  The first dance was pretty easy and not especially fun, so I was excited to move on.  They definitely did get progressively harder.  I remember after my first try on one of the subsequent dances, feeling completely dejected.  It was so hard, and I couldn’t imagine that I would ever get it, no less in one week.  As I continued to persevere, though, I did pick it up.  I was able to master it, and move on.  As I started one of the last ones, it was unbelievably hard, but I knew from past experience that it would get better.  I would be really bad for a couple days, but by my fourth try, it would be taking shape and looking good.  By the end of the week, it would actually be fun.

When this program first came out, I believe it was 2015, and I was in pretty good shape, pregnant, but in good shape.  In 2017 I quit exercising, and for various reasons, including my lack of exercise, I gained almost 70 pounds.  I was in the worst shape of my life, and I was so depressed because I couldn’t dance anymore.  In 2019 I started doing some consistent exercise, but I told myself I had to lose weight before I could dance again.  In 2020 I decided I was not going to wait to dance, I was going to start as I was.  I went through the six dances I had previously learned pretty quickly, and I loved it, despite feeling big and awkward.  I decided to move to the next program in the series, which was called “The Next Level.”  I was literally progressing upward little by little.  These dances were harder than the first six, and I was expected to catch on more quickly, but they were also more fun.  As I started one, I would be really bad, but I would improve steadily.  It continued this way, up and down, until I was dancing at a higher level than I ever thought I could.  With each new high I had a little more skill than I did with the previous high.  It was continuous progression upwards, just as the Law of Rhythm states. 


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