Grateful for the Accident

By Shelly Webb

The Law of Polarity States: Everything has an opposite.  A bad situation is equally good.  Look for the good, and more good will be on its way.  One of my daughters got rear ended on a busy street.  Her car was hit so hard it pushed her into the car in front of her, which was then pushed it into the car in front of it.  Four cars were involved, and three of the four cars drove away with minimal damage.  My daughter’s car was completely totaled.  She was devastated because she had just moved to a new place, and she hadn’t found a job yet.  We definitely focused on the blessing that she was able to walk away from the accident without a scratch, but it was hard to see how any other good would come from the situation.

My daughter’s car was an old 1998 Honda Accord, but it had been pretty reliable.  The insurance company said it would cost way too much to fix it, so they would just send her a check for what they deemed it to be worth.  They ended up sending her a check for $2400, only $100 less than she had paid for the car four years earlier, when she was in high school.  My daughter had been wanting a new car for quite a while, but she didn’t know how she could afford it.  She had the year, make, model, color, milage, and price range all picked out.  As soon as she got her insurance check, we went out to find her the car she wanted.  

At first, she didn’t think she could get the car she wanted, but we decided to try.  We went to a dealership and told them what she wanted.  She even showed the salesman a picture of the car she wanted down to every detail.  She had found it on one of their adds.  He said, “Oh, we don’t have any of those left, at least not at that price.”  He looked around and showed her the only car they had that was close to the same color, but it cost more money and had more miles.  He told us they would be getting more cars in the next day, and we should come back.  We lived about an hour away, so I asked him if he could first prequalify her.  He said yes, and while they were processing her paperwork, he said he would continue looking on other lots for the car she wanted.  He eventually drove up in the exact car from my daughter’s picture.  It was the same color, year, milage, and price!  We were absolutely shocked.  With her down payment, she was able to get the car she wanted without it being too much of a financial burden.  Her devastating car crash and totaled car turned into the huge blessing of her receiving her dream car far sooner than she ever thought she would be able to get it.


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