Making the Role Change Work

By Shelly Webb

When the Role of Breadwinner is Thrust upon You:  How Can You Make It Work?

If your plan was to be a stay home mother your whole adult life, and you suddenly find yourself in need of supporting your family financially, this can be an overwhelming responsibility.  There are technical steps you can go through to qualify yourself to get a job.  Maybe you are already qualified with a bachelor’s degree or a teaching certificate, but what about your mind?  Do you feel qualified to support your family financially?  Do you feel capable?  Listen to the following thoughts: I can’t be a successful business owner; I wasn’t meant to run a business or provide financially for my family; I can’t make enough money to support a family, I need a man for that; as a mother, I am mainly responsible for the nurture of my children, not providing the necessities of life; I don’t belong in the business world.  Do any of these statements sound familiar?

What if the opposite were true?  What if you could be a successful business owner?  Can you imagine how that would look in your life?  If owning a business doesn’t feel like the right path for you, what if you could be a successful cooperate or government employee?  What if you could bring home a salary that allowed your family to live in abundance?  How would that look?  Are there certain circumstances in which a mother is required to provide the financial necessities of life for her children?  If one of those circumstances has occurred in your life, do you believe God will make you equal to the challenge?  Could He possibly magnify your efforts and make you capable of more than you ever thought possible?  What if you do belong in the business world?  What if there are people who need you: your particular personality, your unique gifts, and your life experiences?

There is a reason you are where you are right now.  Think through these questions, and as you answer them, create a vision for yourself and your life moving forward.  Ask yourself honestly if you believe you are good enough or worthy to accomplish the task that is set before you.  If you don’t believe you are, remember that you will not be doing this alone.  You will have access to inspired guidance as you set your feet on the path of your vision. 

Be sure to record with pen and paper all the negative thoughts that come up as you go through these questions.  After recording them, put your thoughts on trial, and write down what comes up.  For example, if your thought is, “I’m not capable of earning money,” ask yourself, “Is this is always true?”.  Was there ever a time you made money?  Did you make money as a teenager?  Is there something you could do, even something small, to make some money?  Could you earn some money by donating plasma?  Write down every possible reason that your initial statement is not true, and then create a new statement that you want to be true.  In this situation your statement could be, “My skills and resources create financial abundance for my family, and I easily bring in all the money we need each month.”  Use your new truth statement for an affirmation, morning and night.  Soon you will be the person you envision, doing the things you envision yourself doing.


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