Dreams before the Money

By Shelly Webb

The Law of Gender/Gestation states: Plant your own idea seeds, and then be patient.  Don’t uproot your idea seeds with doubt.  In December 2018, I wrote down a dream/goal I had to take my kids to Disneyland in September 2018.  I had this dream for a while, and I had visualized the trip and felt emotion, but I’m not sure if I wrote it down before December 2018.  As 2019 went by, I received the impression I needed to sell my home in Utah.  This was something I had been completely opposed to only months before, but I wasn’t supposed to sell it months before.  I put the house up for sale in April 2019, and it just sat on the market for several months.  Finally, I was able to accept a good offer in July, and they agreed to close by August 8.

One of the reasons I went with this offer was because they could close by August 8.  The following week, August 11-17, was the only week of all the summer that all my kids could be together.  One daughter was starting college on August 19th, and another daughter was to leave on a mission soon after.  I realized that my Disneyland trip couldn’t happen in September, but I was certain it was going to happen.  There were several things that I needed to do with the proceeds from the sale of my house, and one of them was to go on a vacation with my kids.  As the time for closing approached, the buyers said their lender was requiring them to get a second appraisal at the last minute, and they wouldn’t be able to close on the 8th.  On Monday, August 12th, they still hadn’t closed, but there was a chance they could that day or the next day.  I had signed my closing papers the Friday before so that we could go on our trip.  At that point, my checking account was completely empty, and using credit for the trip was not an option.  My boss owed me some money for work I had already completed, so I asked her if she could send that money, and she said yes.  On Tuesday I had enough money for gas, food and a hotel, so I told my kids we were heading to California to hopefully go to Disneyland.  

I made a serious effort not to doubt that we would get to go to Disneyland.  I did consider that the worst case scenario would be that we would have to just spend a few days having fun at the beach and enjoying each other’s company; it wasn’t such a bad worst case scenario, but it also wasn’t the idea seed that I had planted.  When we were halfway to California, my realtor called and told me the closing wouldn’t be happening that day or the next.  There was no chance we would get the money in time to buy our Disney tickets.  I got a little frustrated on the phone and said something to the effect of, “This is so stupid!”  My realtor was completely understanding, and I knew it wasn’t her fault; it was just disappointing.

It appeared going to Disneyland was completely out of the question, but I just had a feeling I should continue to believe it could happen.  When we got to the hotel, I told my kids that I was paying my tithing for the money I received that morning, and I hoped there might be a miracle with the closing and funding.  The next morning, I got the impression to text my realtor and apologize for getting upset on the phone.  I wrote, “I want to apologize for getting so upset yesterday.  I know, you know, that it wasn’t directed at you, but it also wasn’t necessary.  We have the necessities covered, and the kids are super excited to spend some days at the beach.  I’m sorry for being a pain.  You have been so great.  Thanks!”  To my amazement, she texted back and asked if I would be OK with her buying our tickets.  She said I could pay her back the next week.  I accepted her offer as the miracle it was, and we had an amazing vacation!  Our home ended up closing at the end of that week.  It didn’t fund until we were home the next week.  I never would have dreamed we could do our vacation without the money from the sale of our home, but we did.  This taught me how important it is to think truth in spite of appearances, to keep moving toward the goal even if you only have the ability to go one tiny step further, and to avoid doubt at all cost.  The seed is growing.     


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