Being Tuned In

By Michelle Taylor

Everything around us is in a constant state of vibration.  Often these vibrations are invisible, we can’t see them, but we know they are there.  When we use the internet, there is a vibration that is bringing the information to our computer.  When we use our cell phones, vibrations help us communicate with others.  When we use a radio we are tuning into a vibration. The greatest vibration and the one we get the most control of, is our bodies.  

Our bodies are in a state of vibration.  Have you ever walked into a room with someone and know in an instant that the person is sad, angry, happy?  That is because they are putting out an energy or vibration.  This vibration covers the whole space.  Sometimes, we go into a room that is full of people having fun, and we instantly feel that vibration and our energy shifts to meet that vibration.  Have you ever heard the phrase, “Misery loves company”.  Why is it that we tend to put ourselves in the vibration of others.  Depending on who we are around, we can have a positive vibration or negative, and we tend to attract people who are in the same vibration we are, because we are comfortable in that vibration.  This is the same for other situations in our world. 

We put out a vibration and that vibration comes back to us.  Using the Law of Vibration, I know that whatever energy/vibration I focus on, will come back to me.  If I decide that an experience is bad and I get extremely emotional about it, then that vibration will come back to me. If I focus on the life I want, then those things will come into my life, because I am actively seeking to put myself in harmony with it. 

Fourteen years ago, my husband and I were living in California.  During this time, my husband became a General Manager for Papa John’s Pizza.  One morning, we were getting ready to go take some family pictures.  When my husband went to start the car, it didn’t start.  We didn’t know what to do.  My husband had to get to work that evening, as there wasn’t anyone to cover for him, but there was no way for him to take the car and drive the hour commute to work.  He was able to get the car going enough to get to a car dealership.  Now, during this time, we kept staying positive and trusting that everything would work out.  The car dealership we went to was close to where we lived, which was on my Grandmother-in-law’s acreage, where my husband had grown up.  The owner knew my father-in-law and was willing to work out a deal with us. If we could pay $300 down, he would be able to get us into a minivan. The problem was, we only had $300 and needed it for food, gas, and diapers until next payday. 

Staying in the positive vibration, my husband and I decided to go home and think about it. While we were at home, a really nice older woman from church came to visit us.  She said she felt to stop by and drop a few things off to us.  She left us a few things and with those things, $300 in Wal-mart gift cards. I will never forget that experience.  She did not know our needs, our car had just broken down that morning, yet she felt inspired to bring us exactly what we needed.  We kept the $300 gift cards for groceries and diapers, and were able to use the $300 for the car and my husband went to work that evening. 

What would have happened if I was in a negative vibration?  I would have probably brought more of the negative into my life.  Being in a state of positivity, allowed my husband and I to receive into our life what we needed, through God’s help.  Sometimes we stop the power of good things happening, because we carry with us the vibration that everything bad happens to us, so we attract more bad things into our life. 

The good thing about this Law of Vibration, is that we are able to change our vibration to attract what we want. If we are happy with the way life is, all we have to do is stay where we are, keep doing the same things we’ve always done, but if we want good things to happen, we can do things that raise our vibration, like feeling gratitude for every good thing.  We can start changing our lives, just by being aware of what it is we are attracting into it, what we like and what we wish were different.


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