Into Reality

By Michelle Taylor

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation states that: “Everything is either coming into physical form or going out of it.” (Hidden Treasure, Leslie Householder)  This means that at any time things are being created or disintegrating.  What does this have to do with the mindset and the way we think?  Everything that is being created in the physical world, started at one point or another, as a thought in someone’s mind.  Thoughts are like seeds in a garden.  We get to decide to plant that seed or not; whether the seed is planted in fertile ground; and whether that seed will be watered and taken care of in order to grow into its intended purpose. At any time in the process of growth, the seed’s life can be altered, halted, and affected to restrict its progress. 

Sometimes we go through life not realizing that we are living laws that affect every aspect of our lives.  For years people lived in the Law of Gravity without knowing what it was or why it worked. Once it was recognized and known, people were able to work with the law of gravity and other laws to bring flight into the world. It is better to know the laws and live in them, than to now know them and be affected by them.  I have had many experiences with the law of Perpetual Transmutation, but some dreams and desires were altered or halted because I didn’t know the law.  Now, I use the law to help me continue to keep going and push forward on my dreams and goals.

Several years ago, we had a couple of friends that renewed their wedding vows in Jewsih ceremony.  They handed each couple that attended, a Mezuzah. I learned that the Mezuzah would have a prayer placed in it and then it would be placed in the doorway as a reminder every time you go in and out of the house. While we are not Jewsih, I thought it would be good to put a personal prayer in it and see what happened.  I gathered the children together and on one side of paper we wrote what we were grateful for and on the other we wrote what we wanted.  We wanted to buy a home with grass, trees, and natural springs and for dad to get a promotion at work. We placed the Mezuzah on the doorpost and it would remind us of what we wanted every time we saw it. 

A few months later, my husband got a promotion and had to move 30 minutes away from the main shop for the area he was working.  The area he was going to be working at was an area that we would pass all the time to visit my family.  We would say to each other that one day we would live in that valley.  After he received the promotion, we had the daunting task of finding a place to live in in that area.  This place was 30 minutes from a town, so there weren’t any homes to rent, we would have to purchase.  Having gone through bankruptcy a few years before and credit score not being great, and not having any money for a down payment, we didn’t know how we were going to do it, but we only had a few months to find a place, before my husband was required to be available in the area on a regular basis. 

I began calling loan companies, real estate agencies, and owners to see if there was any way to do a loan, or rent to own.  The loan companies said our scores needed to be higher, real estate agents said they didn’t have any rental or owner who wanted to do a lease to own. I began to feel defeated, but we knew we needed to keep moving forward.  One day, I called a loan company I hadn’t seen before and she told me there was a loan program we qualified for and she could work with our credit score.  There were a lot of ups and downs through the process, but we just kept moving forward.  The loan went through at the last minute and we moved into our home that had everything we were looking for.  From the time that I put the prayer in the Mezuzah to when this was accomplished was a year and a half.  We moved once during this time and had a baby.  I had completely forgotten about the Mezuzah, until we were moving to the house we bought and found it.  When I read what was on it, I recognized God’s hand in helping us receive these blessings.  At any time I could have stopped the progress, but because I moved forward all was accomplished.


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