Old Highs Are My New Lows

By Melanie Valderrama

The Law of Rhythm states that when you feel down, be grateful, knowing that, by law, there is an upswing coming. Plan on endless progression upward.

I remember sharing this law with a friend recently and how her eyes lit up when she realized that life is a cycle of ups and downs. She was currently in a down cycle and having a hard time seeing that there would be an upswing. The knowledge that an upswing was coming, by law, did wonders for her and she looked fabulous the next time I saw her.

I have seen this happen in my own life. I used to have downs for longer periods of time than my ups. I might feel up for one day and then down in the dumps for a solid week or two. That’s no fun. I knew to break out of it, I needed to make a commitment to myself. I started learning something uplifting every day. I also surrounded myself with like-minded people-I started a phone call with some friends to help uplift each other and found an uplifting forum and started posting and getting to know others. I also started to read better books and watch less TV. I started a “power hour” every morning where I read, study and review the necessary actions I need to take to become the person I want to be.

Before long, my cycles reversed. I now feel fairly good most of the time and can’t take an entire day to feel awful-that’s way too long. I still allow myself to feel bad for a little while, since it helps me notice when I’m also feeling good. I used to feel like I did everything wrong and would criticize myself daily. Now I’ve lightened up on myself and realize that I’m doing the best I know how. I trust my instincts more and love to uplift others. I want those I come in contact with to accept the good within themselves, too. I express gratitude in many different ways. I’ll write a list, write a more detailed description of one particular circumstance, situation or person I’m grateful for in my journal and express to people personally how grateful I am for what they do for me. My old highs are my new lows and I plan to continue the cycle…oh, forever!

Melanie Valderrama

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