Transform Your Life Through Journaling

By Melanie Valderrama

I have never been great at keeping a journal. Sure, I’ve kept one off and on throughout the years, but never felt a great need to be consistent.

A few years ago, one of my aunts made some major changes in her life. I remember asking my mom what had happened to her and my mom simply said, “She started regularly writing in a journal and was able to work through her issues.” I was amazed.

I started keeping a gratitude journal but quickly became bored since I felt like I was making a list every day. However, doing that opened my eyes to so many blessings I had that I wasn’t expressing gratitude for, so I am grateful that I did that.

Then, I started Leslie Householder’s Family Time & Money Freedom course (Mindset Mastery). Included with the course is what they refer to as a Transformation Journal. My previous experience with journals was that I felt like all I did was complain in them and wrote down all my negative thoughts and feelings and I really didn’t want any part of it. I felt like a victim and I wrote like I was one, too.

So, my first thought on seeing the Transformation Journal was, “Yuck.” I started reading what Leslie wanted me to do with it and I got excited. It’s journal keeping like I’ve never done before. Basically, you write about your life with a positive slant. I decided to give it a try and I have quickly become a journal writing fan. I also enjoy recording my thoughts and impressions I receive as I go through my day. A few times, when I haven’t been able to locate something, I know that I’ve written it in my journal and I can find it quickly and easily.

I also want my children and their children to benefit from what I’m learning. I want them to one day read my thoughts and understand that I’m currently doing the best I can and am making daily efforts to improve. I want them to understand the things I’m learning and how these things can bless their lives as well.

I realized that another issue I had in the past was that I would tend to buy cheap ten cent notebooks and use them for my journal. There’s nothing wrong with that; however, I noticed a huge difference in how I felt when I received a nice journal in which to record my thoughts. I even searched around my house for my nicest pen to use when I write in it. I feel that I’m worth it.

My views have now changed on keeping a journal. I love writing in it and just letting the words flow through me. I feel more optimistic about life and I plan to stack my journals for many years to come!

Melanie Valderrama

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