I Choose to Believe

By Melanie Valderrama

The Law of Cause and Effect states that every cause has an effect, and every effect has a cause. Nothing happens by chance. One of the more amazing parts of this law is that as you start to move toward your goal, unseen things start happening and your goal starts to move toward you as well, so you only have to meet it half way!

A few years ago, I was living in my parents’ basement with my husband and two children. My parents had been out of the country and were returning home in four months. We wanted to live on our own by the time they returned home but had no extra income to make a mortgage payment. I heard about “The Jackrabbit Factor: Why You Can” by Leslie Householder and it intrigued me. It sounded like my story and I wanted to know what the wife needed to learn-I was tired of being the victim. I ordered this book right away and read it the same day I received it. There was one particular quote which jumped out at me the first time I read it and this became my new mantra, “When I have a choice, I choose to believe.” Could it really be that simple? I decided to put it to the test.

My husband had been interviewing for a better position at his work and three times had been passed over for someone else. It was a little frustrating and it got to the point where he would tell me he was interviewing and I would think, “Well, the other person will be glad to get that job.” I decided to stop thinking that way and for a week, I would repeat over and over again, “When I have a choice, I choose to believe.” The next week, my husband came home and announced he got the new position, without needing to interview for it this time. We were so excited – this promotion almost doubled his income!

Shortly after that, I was driving around and found a home for sale that was appealing to me. When I was a victim, I didn’t even want to look at homes because I felt that I would never own one. I felt inspired to pick up a flyer and called to set up an appointment to look at it. We looked at the house the next day and loved it! It had everything we wanted, was beautiful and was in a great location. When it came time to figure out financing, however, this home was way out of our price range. We learned that we would qualify for a condo. We were a little deflated, but after a couple of days, realized that a condo would be better than living in my parents’ basement. We started looking and found a brand new condo at a great price in a growing area. Every day, I visualized driving up to the building, parking my van, walking inside, and pictured where our furniture would go. I felt what it would be like to have a home of my own-my own kitchen, my pictures on the walls, sun coming in through the windows and privacy. We were able to close on it and move into it the weekend before my parents came home!

I realize that the actions I started taking helped my goal move toward me and buying my own home wasn’t nearly as scary as I made it out to be. How soon will you see results in your life? It depends on how you feel about what you’re asking for. Get excited about your choice and see for yourself how this one simple statement can make a profound difference in your life!

Melanie Valderrama

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