Welcoming Change

By Renae Pelo

I lived near the beautiful Caribbean Ocean in Freeport, Grand Bahama for eighteen months and the energy of the ocean’s rhythm soothed and energized my soul. As I splashed along the beach on my morning walk I felt the lap of the waves against my feet and legs. Many mornings were tranquil and some were turbulent.

I took pictures of sunrises but I also took picture after picture of the dashing waves. I held my camera down low so I could see the spray of the mist and the trajectory of a wave crashing over a rock. They were always beautiful and their rhythm filled my soul with joy and a connectedness to life.

What is it about rhythm that draws us? A baby loves to be rocked or cradled in loving arms that sway back and forth. Children race for the swings and teeter totters on the playground. The seasons change, temperatures go up and down, the phases of the moon come and go. Nature loves change and so do we. As human beings we have an inborn desire for change. When things become too static, we manage to create a change.

And yet, when the change is unexpected or not to our liking we think we want it the way it was. What can we learn from the Law of Rhythm? It is predictable. When we are having hard times, we can remember the law and be assured that good times lie ahead. It happens over and over again.

Some of our frustrations seem so permanent when we are in the midst of them. The cold sore on our lip the night of the dance seemed as big as the moon and yet it went away. The fever that kept us up all night with the baby, finally broke. Even the bliss of the newlyweds is broken by the first fight and the teenage couple breaks up when a new boy comes to town. We get a raise and the car breaks down. Up and down. Up and down.

We know by the Law of Polarity that contrast is important. Remembering the Law of Rhythm helps us notice the downs instead of getting stuck there. The better we learn to observe, the easier it is to ride the waves and get the most out of them. In fact, over time we may get used to the feeling we had when we were feeling high.

When that feeling becomes common place we will want another growing experience in order to feel that invigorating surge upward again. We long for growth, that feeling of accomplishment and moving forward. By focusing on what we want we can create those positive experiences and feel those positive feelings again. It can become more like climbing a staircase than riding a wave.

Leslie Householder, author of Hidden Treasures, reminds us, “Keep in mind that the Law of Rhythm guarantees that we will feel ups and downs. But as we learn to live “by law.” we can ensure that our “lows” are only the absence of a “high.” This keeps us climbing.”

The color of our lives would fade without the contrast. My mornings on the beach would have become boring if there had only been a sea of glass and brilliant sunrises. Each day was a delightful surprise. The Law of Rhythm is a blessing when we observe and learn from it. It is the law.


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