Change Your Marriage using Universal Laws

By Renae Pelo

Whenever we live a law we get the predicted consequence. For some reason when it comes to relationships we want things to improve just because. . . Because I really want them to. Because I deserve it. Because I can’t take it any longer. The truth is that relationships are based on laws just like chemistry is. Water boils at 212 degrees and so do we. Take the pot off the stove. Change what you are doing and change the results.

When I was studying Remembering Wholeness with Carol Tuttle I learned to see my relationship with my husband in a different light. Unlike most marriages, my husband and I are very different-perhaps even from different planets. Do you know anyone like that? We love each other and don’t mean to irritate one another but he just doesn’t “get it.”

In class I began to take more responsibility for the relationship I was creating and decided to look at it differently. I realized I wanted not only peace, but a softer heart and more understanding.

I wrote out a description of the relationship I wanted; one I could believe was possible. Just doing that made him more attractive to me. Carol suggested that we re-write a script and on one side list the typical conversation and then write what I would like us to say instead. She even went so far as to suggest that we could visualize our spouse’s spirit and have a conversation with them in our minds, expressing our deepest wishes for a happier relationship.

Why would these techniques change our relationship? First of all there is the Law of Vibration. You can be sure that my vibration was pretty negative when I thought of how he doesn’t “get it.” When I thought of him with compassion the vibration improved. Like attracts like and we were more compatible. By re-writing our script I used the Law of Polarity knowing that for every negative there was an equal opposite which gave a lot of hope for a fantastic future.

When I used the Law of Relativity I was able to see our relationship in a kindly manner, simply by choice. I chose to take my best self to speak with his best self in spirit and both of our hearts were softened. Of course, living by the Law of Rhythm there were times after that when I was sure we would never have the marriage I wanted and then I could remember that this feeling is temporary and we’ll soon be on the upswing again.

The more I thought about it and began to take the Laws seriously the more I realized it was up to me to choose the kind of energy, thus the kind of relationship I wanted. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy assured me that circumstances and things are perpetually coming and going according to my thoughts. Consciously choosing to improve relationships helps me remember that the Law of Cause and Effect works for me all the time. If I don’t choose what I want, someone else may choose what I don’t want, and the effect won’t be positive.

I suppose you want me to tell you we lived happily ever after. Well, there is also the Law of Gender which means our perfect marriage is still forming and it takes a lot of tender loving care to keep it growing.

By understanding and applying the Laws of the Universe I am happy being me and I am happy with my husband. I love the consequences of living the Laws of the Universe consciously and being a co-creator with God in making my marriage what I want it to be. It seems like the perfect system.


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