How Goals are Born

By Renae Pelo

As the mother of ten children I have a lot of experience with the Law Of Gender or Gestation which states that everything has a gestation period for its creation. I was pregnant for seven and a half years. Fortunately, not all at once. As soon as I knew I was pregnant I knew that I needed to be pregnant for around forty weeks if I wanted a healthy baby. As it turned out, it took from 39 weeks to 41 weeks and in every case I was blessed with a beautiful healthy baby. You can be sure there were many times I wanted to cut the time short. Every time I went past the due date, I wanted to be done more than anything. However, in every case I was grateful for the outcome just as it was.

When I started working with the Universal Laws, it was helpful to learn that the Law of Gestation determines the length of time it takes to manifest a wanted change in my life. Again I expected a positive outcome. The most troublesome part, however, is that we aren’t given a list of seeds of thought and the time it takes for them to be born. We must have faith in our goal, knowing that it will come to pass. If we know, just as surely as I knew I was going to have a baby, we can be sure the goal will be born.

Some goals take a long time and others happen quickly just as when you plant garden seeds. We get radishes in 35 days and winter squash in 90 days. After planting a Japanese bamboo seed, if it is given enough care, it grows at the rate of two inches a year for five years. And then all at once it grows eighty feet-yes, eighty feet in one year. That is its gestation period and we can depend on it.

What if we knew it would take over thirty years before a child would understand the sacrifices we have made for them and be grateful? Perhaps we would never have children if we knew the payoff was so far away. I remember when one of our daughters called to apologize for being belligerent as a teenager. She begged our forgiveness. Her daughter had just told her, as she emptied the dishwasher, that her mother does nothing around the house and she is a slave. We laughed and, yes, what goes around comes around. It was pay day for parents.

What about the seeds that are planted in our minds whether by us or by other sources? The media uses all sorts of ploys to plant their seeds and draw us to their products. Through research they know just how to get the results they want with and unconscious audience.

Other people around us are influencing us by introducing ideas which we welcome or resist. If we accept any of these seeds into the fertile soil of our minds, there surely will be a crop in a certain length of time. We just don’t know when. Have you ever succumbed to a repeated advertisement after a while? If we want to know what seeds we have planted in the past, we just need to look around and see what our results are. What if we want to change those results? Plant new seeds and give them care.

Just as when we are pregnant or plant seeds in the garden there are things we can do to improve the rate of their success. We wouldn’t think of depriving our bodies of food and water while we are pregnant. We wouldn’t plant a seed in soil and not water or fertilizing it if we wanted a good crop. When planting a goal we can enhance the predictability of its coming forth by writing a detailed description and holding the image in our mind of its completion. We can keep our thoughts positive and change them when they start to slide downward.

We must make a concerted effort to not pull the seedling out with doubt or criticism of others who don’t believe in our goal. We mustn’t become discouraged. Just because we set a date for the accomplishment of a goal and it didn’t come on time, doesn’t mean it isn’t coming. If a woman goes past her due date she is not less pregnant. She is even more assured of having that baby. It will surely come. We must be just as certain of the goals we hold in our minds and hearts, knowing that they too will come. If your goal is even close to being as precious to you as my children are to me, you can be sure of a good harvest in time. It is the law.


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