Success and Riches – the Evolution of a Dream

By Renae Pelo

When I was about six years old my mother taught me a poem, At Breakfast Time by Edgar A. Guest. She put me on the stage at our local church talent show and I won a quarter.

A fire was lit within my heart that night. I could say something on stage to make people happy. They would clap and pay me money. That lit my desire for fame and fortune. I started out wearing a starched cheese cloth dress and angel wings in the grade school Christmas pageant. I went on to speech classes and monologues in Junior High and then I starred in several high school three act plays. I loved what I was doing. The audience loved me, too. They clapped for me but no one put quarters in my hand.

I promised myself that I would be rich one day so I went to college. How was I to know that I would be married a year later? Before I considered my suitor, Dale, a viable marriage partner, however, I made sure he would have a suitable career with a bountiful income. He passed his Certified Public Accountant exam on our honeymoon and we were on our way to riches. I soon became a mother which had been my other big dream.

Within eight years we had five children and Dale was ready to become a partner in the largest accounting firm in Missoula, MT. Then everything changed. He had a chance to teach early morning seminary for the LDS church and he loved it. His supervisor talked him into looking into teaching full time.

As soon as we learned he would take a $3,500 a year cut in salary with five children, he decided he didn’t like teaching that much. After declining the offer to move to Utah and teach full time, the man who interviewed him asked him to pray about it. The answer to that prayer changed our lives forever. We were ready to make sacrifices and move to Utah. I was a woman of faith and believed we would be taken care of, which we were.

However, I still wanted to be rich, or at least to provide more than the necessities for my children. What could I do about it? I played around with several network marketing companies with varying degrees of success. For ten years I averaged over $20,000 a year.

Mostly, however, I was successful at having babies and raising incredible children—and sewing and cooking and gardening and cleaning house. I was doing the most important things but I still wanted to be rich. I wanted to do the extra things. I wanted to go places and do things and take advantage of opportunities for my family and buy books and take courses and buy more books. Books are my hobby and I wanted a beautiful library to put them in. Famous didn’t seem to matter any more, but I really wanted that library.

Finally, with the children all married and successfully raising families of their own, I still want to be rich and I have time to do something about it. Now I have a different motivation, and that is because I want to influence the world. I have learned more than I ever thought I would. I have had more pain than I ever thought I could endure. I experienced more joy than I thought a mortal body could contain. I have something to offer that no one else has.

I want people besides my family to learn what I have learned. I have a million messages that I must speak. It is more than just a wish. It is a fire hot passion that I must fulfill. I have learned too much about what happens to people who don’t do what they love. Most of them die a slow death, long before their heart stops. I want to awaken people to their divine potential to contribute to the world and have joy each day.

We create our own lives either on purpose or by default and it is a lot more fun to do it on purpose. It is fun to teach children to expect what they want instead of telling them you can’t afford it. As co-creators with God we can learn to create what we want.

That little girl on stage with a quarter in her hand is still alive in me. I am sharing my messages with the world. People are applauding and I am getting rich. I didn’t think it would take this long, but the trip was worth it. Would you like to join me?


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