Choosing a Powerful Cause

By Renae Pelo

The Law of Cause and Effect is so simple that it seems to need no explanation at all. “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Galatians 6:7.

Speaking of planting seeds, I love to garden. My favorite vegetable to plant is green beans. They produce over and over into the long summer days until I am tired of picking them. It gets hot and I get tired of beans and I forget to water them and soon the bean plants are dead. When I am hungry for green beans again I have to open a can and think about how much more delicious the garden fresh beans were.

It may be easier to open a can but it surely isn’t as satisfying.

What kind of satisfaction do you want in your life? What are some of your wants? Perhaps they include more money, a better relationship with friends and loved ones, better health, a better job, better education, more fun. How can you choose a cause for each one so you can have what you want?

I propose that when we choose a powerful cause it will improve many effects by focusing your attention on such a cause. I was searching for a meaningful cause to energize my goal statement and help me become the incredible person I believe I am. I chose to say, “I will give extra ordinary service in all areas of my life.”

Let me give you an example:

My neighbor put up a For Sale sign in her yard. Even though I have no control over it, I was ticked. I didn’t want anyone disrupting my peaceful circumstances. I also had made some unkind judgments of her in my mind recently so the energy between us wasn’t as lovely as it used to be and it was my fault. I decided it was time to change my thoughts as well as my actions.

I noticed on the church bulletin that it was her birthday on Sunday. I could have just wished her a “Happy Birthday” at church, but I wanted to do something extra ordinary. Just the wanting began to soften my heart and put a smile on my face. I went home pondering what I could give her that she would enjoy. I picked out a CD I had recently gotten that I knew she would love. I wrapped it up and pulled a card out of my box. I wrote a personal and sincere note to her and went next door.

She welcomed me in and we had a wonderful twenty minute visit. She loved the CD and she said she especially loved the card. We hugged and said, “I love you.” I left with a spring in my step and joy in my heart. And to think I could have just said, “Happy Birthday” at church!

This is a simple example, but when I think “extra ordinary service” it is easier to change my thinking to a higher level and give my best in any situation. Instead of just asking someone how they are doing, I can focus and really listen. Instead of making a list of things to do, I can consciously choose what is most important and focus on completion. Instead of eating whatever is within reach, I can choose to eat healthy foods and to exercise. Instead of doing good, I can choose to do better. Instead of being better I can be extra-ordinary.

Understanding and applying the Law of Cause and Effect consciously has made me a believer in the law. It works for things money can buy as well as those it can’t. Instead of being satisfied with the status quo I can do extra ordinary things to help my business move forward. Instead of expecting those I teach to get average results I can inspire them to reach higher and to do extra-ordinary things. I expect to get a plentiful and joyous harvest in all areas of my life because those are the seeds I am planting.

How does your garden grow? It’s your choice. It is the law!


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