The Fuzzy Puppy and Business Success

By Ken Carroll

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of energy states that energy is always flowing into form, through form, and out of form. Our thoughts and feelings are real and what we think about we can bring into form if we focus on it long enough and don’t kill it with our doubts and fears. At the beginning of my experience with the Mindset Mastery course, I also started a new business in direct selling. I needed confidence in using this first law.

Following the guidelines in the course, I wrote a goal to manifest a puppy with a cute, fuzzy face. I visualized it and believed it.

After two days, I was looking at my emails and a friend had sent me an email with a joke and a picture. The picture happened to be of a puppy with a cute, fuzzy face. Since I rarely get personal emails with jokes in them, I realized this was probably the manifestation of my goal. I had hoped to see a real puppy but had not specified that.

Following the idea that “thoughts become things,” I began to look for ways to experience this in my business. In my agreement with my business partner, I needed to find four people to fill key slots in our marketing structure. I drew a diagram of my organization and put it on my wall so I could see it and fill it out. I visualized having it filled. I had three of my four people in place and needed a fourth.

My partner approached me and asked if I had anyone ready to take the fourth spot because if I didn’t fill it within the next business day, I would have a hard time justifying to the company why I didn’t just skip the slot and move forward. I put it out there that I needed to find that fourth person by the end of the next business day and I just released it and worked the next day as completely as I could.

At 3:00 p.m. my phone rang and it was an unexpected business contact and she wanted to buy her own machine and become a distributor. We did the deal over the phone and everything was in place before Monday and everything worked out perfectly.

I have also set several goals that failed to materialize and I know that I started right, but then allowed doubt and fear to enter too frequently into my mind, which I know cancelled or reversed the direction of the flow of energy.

However, I am getting better at recognizing and eliminating negative thoughts and emotions and holding onto the positive longer. Subsequently, I am seeing more and more success in my life.


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