The Compensating Seed of Success

By Ken Carroll

The Law of Relativity states that nothing is good or bad until we decide in our minds to assign a positive or negative emotion to it. Something that happens “just is.” If I’m on the ladder of human growth and development, no matter what my position is, I can look up and see an infinite amount of people that are better off than me and I can look below me and see an infinite amount of people that are worse off than me.

The Law of Relativity helps us keep our experiences in perspective. It helps us see how negative experiences are not as bad as we might think and gives us a way to evaluate them for our benefit. Prior to starting this course, my family and I had suffered several experiences that we had decided were very very bad or challenging.

After learning about this law or perspective, we sat down as a family and listed all of the bad things that had happened to us. After making an exhaustive list, we went back through each “negative” experience and discussed how it could have been worse. We joyfully realized that although we had experienced some real challenges, every one of them could have been much worse and we were really very blessed for which we felt a strong inclination to express gratitude to Heavenly Father for preserving us and keeping our trials so manageable when they could have been so much worse.

While doing the Mindset Mastery course, my wife, daughter, and I have been living with my parents due to some economic setbacks. One day I was feeling down about not being out on our own and having our own house. I came home from work and the news was on TV talking about the horrendous flooding that was happening in the Midwest.

I saw video footage of people who were literally homeless and how their homes had been washed away by the water and they didn’t know what to do. I immediately saw how blessed I was to have my family in a safe, beautiful home with plenty of food and felt like I should again offer a prayer of sincere gratitude that I had a place to live while we worked to get back on our feet.

I have learned to use this particular law to help me see that what can appear to be a very bad experience could have been a whole lot worse and also brings with it a compensating seed of success.


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