When to Engage

By Ken Carroll

The Law of Rhythm states that everything moves in cycles. When I’m in a bad time I know good times are coming, when I’m in a good time I will eventually get bored and want to move on. This law helps keep faith and hope alive when times are tough.

During the Mindset Mastery course, I noticed that sales seem to follow a rhythm. For example, as my daily work activities progressed I would hit a flurry of activity from a lot of sales closing and then things slowed down and began building again. Soon, another flurry hit and more sales closed. I’ve noticed that if I hit a slow point, I can shorten that by focusing on positive results and working through the down time.

That has seemed to bring about a quicker upswing. However, a low time may also be an indicator that it’s time for a break or vacation. I have noticed that at times when I’m on a low, I feel that need to force the issue and push harder. I am learning that this approach is contrary to the laws of the universe, because force is always wrong. When I feel the need to force things, then I do better to get away and relax and find a natural, higher vibration and then return to work refreshed and invigorated.

I have noticed that the law of rhythm is in every aspect of our lives. As people, we go through mood rhythms. Relationships between people be it marriage, work, or parent-child go through rhythms where things are good for a while and then begin to change. We can feel very loving for a while and then begin to shift more to another mode like being silly or getting frustrated with each other.

I believe the law of rhythm is in place because we were meant to be beings of change and development. Even without any effort on our part, life will change and bring us opportunity after opportunity to grow and develop. Knowing the law actually gives us some kind of control in our life because we can recognize the down for what it is and find a way to raise our vibration naturally. Understanding the law of rhythm helps me be able to predict when to engage in any particular activity.

In my sales, I feel a particular desire to make a lot of prospecting calls and after a while I get bored with that. However, I am naturally drawn to make a lot of follow up calls which always leads to the activity of closing sales. That activity is then followed by the desire to work with and train my new recruit or educate him/her on the use of the product. Eventually, it all cycles back to more prospecting calls. Having learned some wisdom, I decided that if I engage in all of these activities at least a little each day, the rhythm cycle is not as drawn out and I enjoy much more of the upside of the rhythm.


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