He was a Danger to Society

By Ken Carroll

The Law of Polarity states that everything has its opposite. If there is sorrow then there must be joy, if there is pain there must be pleasure, if there is failure there must be success, if there is disease there must be health. No matter what experience presents itself in our lives, we can know that it is a complete package.

We can find the positive in every experience or if inclined, we can find the negative. The law of polarity helps us understand that every problem also brings a solution or a positive blessing that is equal to the difficulty of the challenge.

The Big Move

My family and I hit the road and moved back to Idaho from Arizona under a great deal of stress and discomfort. Our only son had serious emotional problems and was really struggling in life and was becoming a danger to himself as well as to society. We brought him to Idaho to get him the best help we could find. I left my job, we left our house to sell and moved in with my parents. I couldn’t find a job and our house wouldn’t sell and our son committed some crimes for which we had to turn him in and have him remanded to a juvenile correctional facility.

This among other things placed a great burden on us all. As we struggled under these difficult circumstances, we were introduced to the laws governing success and for the first time in a long time we had hope. We realized by looking for the opportunity in the challenge we could find peace and hope and even a blessing equal to the struggle. Being in this situation, we realized the depth of the difficulties our son was dealing with, and that he was in the perfect environment to get the help he needed.

We also realized that it was a great blessing to have him out of our home for a while so we could recover as a family and learn some marvelous lessons that would prepare us for greater prosperity, as well as the tools we need to succeed when our son comes home again. We also have had the opportunity to discover within us our purpose in life and be able to focus on learning the laws of success without having all the pressures of a house, mortgage, etc.

Our house in Arizona did eventually sell. We also started some businesses and have a great desire to fulfill our purpose in life, and better doors began opening for our family than would have ever opened had we not gone through this refiners’ fire.


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