You DO Know

By Travis Giauque

From the time that we begin this adventure and journey called “life”, we hear, learn, and apply a vast variety of information. Such information could be the simple recognizable feeling of the mother that gave birth to us. In the moment that a child is born, any momentary distress and anxiety from such an experience can be calmed quickly and completely by the nurturing cradle of a loving mother.

We instantly gain information of who is our nurturer. As we grow and develop, we learn other things from stimulus all around us. Some of this may be good, and some of this may be bad. In either case, there comes a time in our young lives that such information becomes a personalized core belief; a subconscious belief.

One such belief for me was the simple phrase of “I don’t know”. For me, being raised in a loving home and environment, I somewhere along the way perceived and internalized this simple phrase. However, I didn’t simply use this phrase in response to an inquiring question. I used it as the ending to any new idea or thought that would come across my mind.

I used to think nothing of it, dismissing it as a simple filler statement as common as that of “um”. It used to trouble my wife as we would think of ideas for raising our children, or embarking on the development of a new product, or simply attempting to progress our company. I would give my thought, or new idea, and then end it with a quick, and sometimes unclear, statement of “I don’t know”. She would typically respond to me, “You do know! Don’t say that you don’t.” I would simply disregard this and inform her that this saying of “I don’t know” wasn’t true; it was just a filler comment.

I have realized that I was completely wrong. In the course of learning, developing, and applying a greater understanding of the subconscious mind, I have come to the recognition of how damaging a simple phrase like “I don’t know” truly can be. Each and every time that this phrase was either thought, or audibly expressed, my core belief that “I didn’t know” was reaffirmed in my subconscious mind. So what’s been the damage of that?

Well, upon this utterance, I was undermining any new ideas and it gave me reason to believe I can’t do it, or if I don’t do it I’m justified because “I really didn’t know” what I was doing. The phrase “I don’t know” was an easy way out. It permitted my mind to not search, seek, or hear solutions to problems. With that phrase eliminated, I have opened myself to existing abilities, possibilities, solutions, and greater insight. In the moments that I begin to think, or say, the phrase “I don’t know”, I override that desire and my mind engages into a different thought process.

Knowing how this phrase has affected some of my progression in the past also makes me more aware of how I can empower greater good in my life. The same holds true for you. By my audible phrase, I solidified the belief in my subconscious mind. Therefore, and gratefully, the opposite applies as well. If I desire to change something for good in my core belief, I can develop an audibly phrase and repeat it over and over. By so doing, this teaches my subconscious that this is a true belief for me. For example, “I am wealthy”, “Money comes easy to me”, or “I am a patient parent”. Given enough time and repetition, this will become a new subconscious truth to you and it will manifest itself in the physical world. Just as my shortcomings were due in part to the phrase of “I don’t know”, my greatest achievements can also play out to be true by implementing the opposite; creating a new subconscious belief of “I do know”.

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