Selling Yourself on Self-Confidence

By Travis Giauque

Remember that new idea that slid across the canvas of your mind not too long ago? Where did it go? What did you do with it? I believe images like those happen to thousands of people everyday. However, the reaction to such thoughts and ideas can differ drastically. Some recognize it and act on it. Some recognize it and dismiss it as impractical. And some recognize it but don’t know how to move on it. Why doesn’t the last person know what to do with it? They most likely believe in the new idea, can see how great of an idea it can be, but freeze when it comes to moving forward.

Often times the response of an individual may be, “I don’t know how to do that”. Or they sell themselves short by stating, “I wouldn’t know what to do if… “, and fill in the ending with some problem or dilemma that would need to be solved, even though such a problem doesn’t currently exist in the moment. Why might an individual think this way? This type of thought process indicates a lack of Self-confidence. Once you believe that you can overcome whatever is placed in front of you, or accomplish any great achievement, or create any great successful product or company; you will be successful! You need to recognize the power you have within you.

You are a supreme creation. You have every capability currently within yourself to accomplish any, and all, of your dreams. You are not perfect, but it’s important to note that this fact only aids to your advantage. Recognizing that you have flaws and hurdles to overcome makes you more humble. Humility leads one to know that they can’t rely solely upon the efforts of themselves. You will achieve all that you desire when you know that you don’t need to know everything. All you need to do is believe and do what you can. Everything you need to succeed is all around you right now. And what you don’t currently have, you don’t currently need, but it will be brought to you as the need arises.

To incubate self-confidence in your mind, one needs to know that it is possible to achieve perfection without being perfect. In other words, you have to believe that you can create an overwhelmingly successful company despite imperfections. The solution to any dilemma, if it ever becomes real, will present itself when needed as you seek for it. Essentially you need to sell yourself on self-confidence.

Does the thought of the word “selling” create feelings of anxiety within you? Does the thought of having to sell anything make you uneasy? Don’t worry about it. Think for a minute about your selling situation. You are selling to nobody else but yourself and you already now that your “client” wants to buy. You will succeed.

Here is a step that I have been taught that assists in your personal growth in clearing your self-confidence hurdles. It is what I call a “Power Phrase”. A power phrase is a one-lined sentence that you generate specifically to your difficulty. It may be for an instant opportunity or for a long-term opportunity. It may apply to attaining one’s desired weight, or self-perception, or personal interaction with others. It can be for any aspect in your life that you desire to improve. It needs to start with “I am”, or “I will” – a powerful and commanding beginning that indicates surety. It then describes the item you desire to overcome in a positive frame of mind. And lastly, which is very important, it ends with the words “thank you” – repeated three times.

For example, if I wanted to be confident in my ability to be more patient with my children, I might form a Power Phrase like this: “I will be happily patient today with my children. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Once the phrase has been personally defined, it needs to be repeated out loud at the beginning of each day. It also should be repeated at every moment that a doubt intrudes your thoughts, attempting to discourage and undermine your confidence in moving forward.

As you define and implement the Power Phrase tool, you will begin to notice a change in your thoughts, behaviors, and actions. You are actually changing your subconscious beliefs that hinder you from achieving that new idea that first came into your mind. Recognize this and know that your self-confidence has increased. Remember, you have nothing to lose at selling yourself on self-confidence. Define your power phrase, apply it consistently, and you will see the results as defined in your phrase. More importantly, you will see a more confident you.

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