Thrive From Personally Planted Seeds

By Travis Giauque

During visits with others, has the topic ever come up about what you are doing, or where you are going? If so, then you are likely aware that the conversation often turns to a brainstorming session where most in attendance voice their thoughts of what they think would be a good idea for you to pursue. They plant an idea into your head and you then have a choice to grow this seed or not.

This describes the beginning effects of the Law of Gender and Gestation. This law states that in nature there are always gender roles for new life to grow. For new life to begin, a new seed must be planted which then needs to be properly nourished. In nature, there are also circumstances where a single entity will take on both responsibilities; the planter and the nurturer. The same holds true for the “growth” in our lives. If we are to attain what ourselves truly desire, we must take on both roles.

For instance, as I was raised the question was asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up”? At a young age I often responded inconclusively, whereupon my loving parents would give suggestions for careers and education they felt would most likely suit my abilities. I would take that to heart; I would plant their idea-seed in my soil.

Following, I would take steps to pursue my parent’s loving guidance; I would nurture that seed until it grew. Even as I continued into adulthood, with children of my own, I would take the thoughts and ideas of others, see them for what they could be and pursue nurturing them as well. These seeds have always been able to “bear fruit” for me and my family, but I came to realize, that although good and nutritious, the fruit I was harvesting was not the fruit I loved to consume. I was surviving from its nutrients, I wasn’t thriving.

Through this, we can learn that our ideas and thoughts, which lead to our actions, can be influenced by outside sources; whether these sources are good or bad. Our own minds have the capacity of producing thousands of original seeds that can bring about an abundance of fruit under proper care. Plant your own idea seeds. Others will attempt and try to plant seeds in your mind, such as media, friends, or parents, but your own personal mind can create thousands inspired directly by God under its own capacity.

Are the ideas that come to your mind good, or are they bad? It is important to understand that the ideas produced by our minds are greatly influenced by outside input. If you desire to have a good seed then surround yourself in a good environment with positive, uplifting, and good sources of input. In the book Hidden Treasures, authored by Leslie Householder, it states, “Plant good seeds by creating a new, prosperous idea for your life. You have the power to create a picture in your mind that is completely original”. It is contrary to the laws of nature to have a bad seed produce good fruit, just as certain that it is impossible for a good seed to produce bad fruit.

The second effect of this law is the gestation period of the seed. Gestation incites an incubation period promoting growth and development. However, this must be done properly as well. For example, if I were to plant my seed and then continuously flood it with water day after day, the seed would not survive and I would prohibit it from developing, no matter how good of a seed it was. The same would be true if I nurtured my seed perfectly, but was just so worried that it wasn’t growing properly that I would pull it from the ground to check on its progress. Such an action would kill my seed as well. You need to know that you have planted a good seed, that you are doing everything you can do to nurture it properly, and you need to let it be. Let nature run its course; nature knows how to do it.

We don’t need to know how it runs it course, just as we don’t need to know how a seed begins to develop under proper care. We just know that it does was it does. The same holds true for the idea seeds of our minds. When you have set a goal, and generated a perfect new idea seed for you life, nurture it by all that you can do, but do it with patience.

Don’t worry that the next day you don’t have corn popping out of the ground, be at peace knowing that your seed is gathering to itself all it needs to produce the corn when the timing is correct. There is great peace in being patient when you know you have done all that you know to do and you allow nature to run its course as well. In the proper and perfect time, your seed you have planted will produce fruit from which you can thrive.

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