Vehicles and Gratitude

By Linda Knudsen

What does trading a big screen TV for an old beat up white van have to do with the Law of Vibration?

There is a Universal Law of Nature known as “The law of Vibration”, which states, “Your thoughts control your personal vibration. Change your thoughts, get emotional about them, and you’ll change what is attracted to you.” (1) We are in harmony with that which we surround ourselves with because that which we surround ourselves with is what we have thought about. This most certainly includes vehicles.

A vehicle tells a lot about a person and one can see instantly what a person’s “vibes” are just by looking at what they drive. From posh foreign luxury sport cars to SUVs – they all tell a unique story.

That vibration may take on different forms, like the old pick-up truck Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart, used to drive. A vibe may also be manifest as the “keeping up with the Jones’ super shiny sports car in the driveway next door”. Our vehicle is simply the exterior manifestation of our inner thoughts and emotions.

Our most memorable vehicle came during a financial downtime. As the parents of 6 children, we sold our 12 passenger van in order to pay off our obligation on it. When we could no longer keep up with the payment and we decided we would never have payments on a car again, NO MATTER WHAT IT TOOK TO ACHIEVE IT!!!

As part of putting ourselves into this state of vibration our family of 8 rode for several months in my husband’s 6 passenger truck. We looked like a bunch of circus clowns each time we got out. The fact that my 2 year old twins were in car seats didn’t help those crowded in the backseat! (This will be a funny story for years to come and keeps getting funnier with time!)

Within a couple of months we found a vehicle to fit our guidelines: It had to fit our whole family (6 kids, friends, groceries, 2 adults, and a partridge in a pear tree!), it had to run (big bonus, I know!), and we had to be able to trade a large screen TV for it.

“What?!” I can hear you exclaiming it now.

You heard me; we had to trade a TV for a van! The TV was leftover from my husband’s business and it was sitting in the box in our garage for several months. We figured we could at least put it to good use.

Would you believe that there was someone out there whose vibration was to trade their 15 passenger van for a large screen TV? My husband had been checking Craigslist diligently. I’m sure you can imagine his surprise when he actually found it! The van required some cleaning (what can you expect for a traded TV?) and a few seat covers before I consented to be “in tune” with it, but it certainly fit what we were in vibration with, the vibe which said we own our vehicles NO MATTER WHAT!

Here is the catch: as individuals we are all on different levels, or vibrations. And the thing or circumstances we are in vibration with will naturally be drawn to us. That is why we don’t all drive the same car.

How do we change our vibration? Simply by being grateful for what we already have! (Yes- as crazy as it sounds, I was grateful for a 6 passenger truck when there were 8 of us as well as a beast of a van that needed some TLC). Complaining about what we currently drive puts the universe at odds with us because we end up not only thinking about what we don’t want but also feeling strongly about how much we hate it! That strong feeling will only bring us more of the same.

Gratitude puts us into good vibrations, it puts us in a place where we can think about what we do want using the right mindset. We must allow ourselves the freedom to daydream about what we really want, then take the time to feel strong emotion as if it were already ours. By law, we put ourselves into vibration with it, and the thing we desire will be drawn to us.


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