Finding Success When Negativity Takes Over

By Linda Knudsen

I am lying on my bed; the tears are flowing, I feel burdened with a heavy heart, my mind recollects each of my challenges. I just can’t seem to shake it.

With all I’ve learned of positive thinking I am worried that my state of negativity has ruined any chances for success. I feel I should just give up now and resign myself to a life of misery.

Being terribly worried that I had torn up my prosperity plant by the roots with my pessimistic disposition I learned something which illuminated my bad temperament.

I hadn’t been out in my garden for a while. I figured since it hadn’t been watered it would have all died and when I got there, sure enough, it looked like it would wither away under the scorching heat of the southwest summer sun. I turned the water system on.

Slowly I watched as the parched plants took up water. As they did so the leaves expanded, adding shade to the roots.

I realized as I watched my plants that, at times, we ALL go through droughts of an emotional magnitude. We just don’t have what it takes to keep up the positive attitude 100% of the time. Even Pollyanna had a bout with negativity! I know many people worry that their negativity will keep them from achieving their life’s goals.

I want you to know that your chances for success are not gone forever- far from it! You see, as you were going through this optimism drought, this emotional low tide, your roots had to grow deep to sustain you. When fed once again with the right emotional state and prosperous outlook, your plant, your life’s goals, will come back to life stronger and healthier than before.

It is important to recognize that we all go through times where it is easier to entertain the negative thoughts. This is natural and normal part of life.

How can we make it through these tough times? How can we make them shorter?

First of all, having faith that we will make it through, even though we are at a low, will help greatly. You can know that life has an ebb and flow to it. Part of the fun of a roller coaster ride is its thrilling downhill rushes. In order to go downward, you have to go upward through the long and tedious climb. But you know, at the top holds the thrill for which got you on that ride in the first place! And life will move on to times where being positive becomes effortless and thrilling. Enjoy the journey and be grateful for it!

Now, how can we make those times of negativity shorter? Keep an ample supply of positive literature close at hand and take some time to read through it. Keep a gratitude journal of all the things you are grateful for. Look at the trials other people are going through and find ways to ease their burdens. Pray for comfort and peace. Daydream about your future ideal life.

As I have gone forward with faith and armed with tips to changing my mood, my positive thinking droughts lessened from weeks to days, and from days to moments.

Remember, just because you are feeling negative, it doesn’t mean all your dreams have dried up – they are still there just waiting to be watered.

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