One Thing You Must Know Before Achieving Your Goals

By Linda Knudsen

“What makes you think you’re smart enough to write an article? No one wants to listen to you.” A hushed voice whispers coolly in the shadows. It is a powerful voice; dreadfully persuasive. On more than one occasion not only did I listen, but I actually believed the voice was my own.

Perhaps you have heard a similar voice telling you how you’re not quick enough, strong enough, smart enough; just fill in the blank, “I’m not ___________ enough”, and you will perceive the venomous influence of The Saboteur.

The Saboteur plays a profound role in each of our lives. I’ve yet to meet anyone who has escaped its stealthy influence.

So what is this Saboteur? Where did it come from? How do we overcome its commanding, twisted sway so that we may move forward to achieving or loftiest goals?

We each have our own unique Saboteur who lives within us. It knows our strengths, our weaknesses, our fears, our dreams, goals and desires. Even more, it knows of our greatness; a greatness of such magnitude that, if we were to comprehend fully, would both astonish and confound.

Unearthing our hidden greatness is the task given to each living soul… and it is the job of The Saboteur, the diminutive voice speaking to us in our head, to keep us from finding it. So persistent and pervasive is the voice of the Saboteur that we may actually believe it is our own self telling us these depreciative lies. And so often we fall prey and believe and give heed to this seducing voice.

Do NOT listen! The voice is not real. The saboteur exists in thought only. The moment we face our giant, The Saboteur, and recognize it for what it is, it disappears!

How will you know if the voice is that of the Saboteur or really, truly your own?

You will know because the Saboteur never wants you to succeed, to win, to achieve your goals, or to be great and so it speaks whatever necessary to keep you from achieving the greatness within. For you to overcome the Saboteur you must recognize when it is speaking to you. Recognize that the things it is saying are false. You must realize that you have everything you need to succeed and be terrific in every way. You can be happy, you can be wealthy, and you can be of great service to the children of God. You are beautiful inside and out, you are talented, compassionate, and wise. You are smart enough, you are strong enough, you are a person of Greatness, and you can achieve anything you put your mind to!


Look at your life right now and the many ways the Saboteur is holding you back from being who you were meant to be. Write down 3 lies (I’ll help you get started with the first one):

1. “I’m not ________________ enough”.



What is the opposite of each of these lies? The opposite of the above is the truth. Now write down these same 3 things but this time write the positive, affirmative statement.

1. I am _____________ enough



Now go forward, emboldened to discover your greatness and achieve your greatest goals. You may need to practice this again and again and as you do you will recognize the Saboteur and conquer it.

Linda Knudsen
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  1. Thank you so much Linda I really appreciate it this column. This topic is not used widely enough and not talked about widely so I appreciate you bringing your voice to the conversation

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