Making Your Dreams a Physical Reality

By Emily Clawson

Circumstances and things are perpetually coming into or going out of form according to our thoughts. Leave a thought in your head long enough without rejecting it and it will in reality come into form: it moves from non-existent to idea to spiritual form to physical form.

However, if you doubt that it can happen, it will go backwards towards non-existence. All you need to do is hold the thought of what you want in your mind long enough and it will move towards the physical reality.

Sometimes, if you have very little subconscious interference about an issue, all you have to do is create the idea and it will happen on its own without you even thinking about it anymore.

Let me illustrate:

When I first started learning about the Laws of Thought I wrote out several goal statements. One of them was about the car that I was driving and how I had previously sold my truck. I had tried selling it the summer before, to no avail. Gas prices were about $5/gallon and not too many people wanted to buy one that consumed so much. I believed that it would happen, but the goal statement had a date that was 10 months away, so I wasn’t focusing on that part of my goal so much yet.

A few weeks after I wrote the goal statement and let the Law of Perpetual Transmutation get to work, I felt like I should put my truck up for sale again. I was surprised by that feeling, because I hadn’t been working on that goal. I decided to listen to it anyway and 5 days later it was sold; $10,000 dollars in debt and a gas guzzler were gone! Wow.

I had to then find a new car that I could pay cash for. Not too long after that my grandmother was unable to keep driving and I got her car, for free! It was not my dream car, I just got that recently, but it was a start! It happened so naturally. All I needed to do was create the idea and let it start to take form. And it did.

Before I thought of the idea it was non-existent. Then I did some thinking and it became an idea. Next it was created spiritually, or in the invisible realm and then it came into physical reality.

Don’t get discouraged if your idea hasn’t shown up in the physical world yet. As long as the idea has been created and not uprooted, it is moving towards you right this very moment.

To Success!


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