What A Baby Elephant Can Teach You About Achieving Your Dreams

By Katie Vrajich

How long does it take a fetus to develop in the womb before it is ready to be born? 9 months. How long does it take to gestate a baby elephant? 22 months (I’m glad humans don’t have to be pregnant that long eek!) What about a baby bunny? About 30 days. What about your dreams? Did you know that they have finite and already defined gestation periods too, just like babies? A new gestation period isn’t created every time an egg is fertilized. There is already one assigned to human babies and elephant babies and the same goes for each one of your dreams. There is a finite and predetermined gestation for our dreams.

Six months ago I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy. I was 41 weeks and 1 day pregnant when I gave birth. Anyone who has had a baby before knows that those last 8 days (the “overdue” days) can be absolutely excruciating. I have never had 8 days feel like so long in my life. I thought it was quite possible that his baby would just absorb back into my body and I’d never get to see the fruits of all the hard work that pregnancy entails.

How often do we do that with our dreams? The good thing with a baby is that it will actually come, no matter how much you doubt it. Your dreams need a little bit more. If you have created a vision of what you want, have worked really hard for it and haven’t seen it in the physical world yet, don’t be discouraged! It is on its way! If you choose to stop believing then the dream will go back to non-existent (according to the Law of Perpetual Transmutation).

The good thing is that you often don’t need to wait until the baby is born to know that it will with certainty come into the world. There is a certain point in pregnancy that a woman just KNOWS she is pregnant and that belly just keeps getting bigger and bigger as if to say (yes! I am very close!) It is the same way with our dreams.

Last year when I decided I wanted to triple my income I had NO idea what I could do to make that happen. I just kept dreaming and doing all that I could and before long I had a business idea. As soon as the business was up and running I could see VERY clearly that we would easily be able to more than triple our income. It turned out that the gestation period for that goal was 1 year, but by about 6 months I knew for sure that it would happen very soon. It felt a little bit like being in the third trimester of pregnancy. There was no doubt in my mind that my dream was about to be birthed.

There are a few important things to keep in mind along with this Law when you are working to birth your dream. The first is about patience. What would happen if a woman induced delivery of her baby at 4 months because she was too impatient to see it? It would be underdeveloped, weak and would likely die.

Do not get impatient, you definitely want your dream to be developed and strong so that it can thrive and stay with you for a long time. Be okay and at peace with the finite gestation that is already assigned to your goal. Also, bigger dreams don’t necessarily have a longer gestation. Think about the delivery of twins – their gestation time is usually 37 weeks instead of 40.

Just because you want to get twice as far, doesn’t mean it will take twice as long! Lastly, I think that pregnancy and labor get just uncomfortable enough at the end to make it so that you care more about getting the baby out then you fear having to take care of the baby. Sometimes the last push before the birth is difficult and uncomfortable. Do not retreat! You can’t go away and forget about this dream. It is part of you and on the other side is something beautiful.

The process of creating, gestating and delivering a baby is invigorating, tiring, joyful, and momentous all at the same time. So is delivering your dreams. Have the courage to create what you want, because you have the power to do it! Go now and start creating and let the law of gestation help you to have patience and faith in the process.

To Success!


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Katie Vrajich

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